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Crown Honda

Country United States
State Florida
City Pinellas Park
Address 7671 US Hwy 19 N
Phone 888-701-8645

Crown Honda Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2019

78 yr old disabled senior citizen suffered mini heart attack. Pulled her 1996 show car (orignal owner, all records intact) into the nearest parking lot to prevent accident. Salesman Hugo, asked for car keys, disappearred.

After a few minutes, asked for keys back, Hugo told her the car had gone "To Auction". WHAT? She was shocked as this car had been paid off for years and was the last car she would ever need. Asked everyone in the show room for her car keys, every one told her the car had "Gone To Auction", even tho she had been in the room 15 minutes.

She asked for a telephone to call police, ambulance, anyone. No, she was told, she could not use the phones. Because of pain, she was slumped over a desk, over an hour, no assistance or help of any sort. Finally, Hugo came and said she would have to lease a vehicle, which she could not afford (living on social security), did not need and did not want.

She could not walk anywhere due to extreme pain. Ultimately, she leased the vehicle in order to get home. When she complained to authorities, Hugo told them that she way lying, that she was not the original owner of the vehicle and there had been 8 previous owners.

He further stated he never refused telephone to her. All lies. What Hugo didn't know while he was lying to authorities was that subject was a retired FRAUD investigator and has an impecanble life record for over 60 years. Not even a parking ticket. He continues to be condoned by Crown Honda.

  • Dec 23, 2016

Had work done on my A/C compressor a few years ago at this dealership. They heard the noise I was reporting but could not figure out what was causing it for the life of them. They took a TON of things apart in my engine. When I went to leave the last time from the service department, a very loud metal cranking noise (new) was coming from my engine. I parked the car and went back inside and told them something was wrong. Then, a young mechanic comes running out of the service floor area, lifts my hood, tightens a bolt with his wrench, and says "sorry bout that - you should be good to go NOW." Yeah - this is a Honda dealership. Something you might think could happen at a cut-rate mechanic shop. But this Honda. This was in 2012. Since this incident NO MAJOR ENGINE WORK has been performed on my Civic. None. Oil changes, tires, wipers - the normal stuff - but absolutely nothing else major at all.

I have since moved to GA. Recently my Civic had some engine noises. Long story short, when the Honda dealership investigated here in GA, they were able to identify that the techs at Crown Honda had PUT THE A/C COMPRESSOR BOLTS BACK IN THE WRONG SPOT on my Civic. All of this resulted in an over-tightening of the tensioner belt, and the bolt snapped, causing a chain reaction of destroyed engine parts in my engine.

End result = $903.04 of engine work to my Civic. My first step was to have the service manager here talk to the service manager at Crown Honda (Joe DeLuigi). They talked and apparently Joe DeLuigi didn't feel the need to call me back and let me know what their decision was. I had to call Crown Honda to get answers myself.

When I did call back a week later, I spoke with Joe DeLuigi - the current Service Manager at Crown Honda. Joe flat out refused to help in any way and said it was "simply too long ago for him to help me." Keep in mind that NO WORK WHATSOEVER has been done on my A/C compressor since Crown Honda touched it. I said to Jim: "so what do you have to say for your mechanics who put bolts back in the wrong place in my engine block, thus causing all of this damage?" He simply repeated his original statement - "It's simply too long ago for me to help you."

Well, unfortunately, Jim, shoddy mechanic work doesn't have an end date. And maybe if the story gets public that your service department FORGOT TO PUT MY CAR COMPLETELY BACK TOGETHER the last time I tried to leave your dealership, you might re-consider my request to help me pay for the damage that your mechanics caused in my vehicle.

I have filed an official complaint with the BBB and will also be registering my story and my complaint with several other online sources. People need to know that this happened, and that you refused to help me in any way whatsoever with paying for the unexpected $900 in repair costs directly caused by your dealership.

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