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Crowdstar Inc

Country United States
State California
City Burlingame
Address 330 Primrose Rd
Phone 650-347-4166

Crowdstar Inc Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2017

Crowdstar LLC owns covet fashion an application game for your phone. There has always been major problems and glitches with this game and many times I have submitted to help desk They say that these problems do not affect the fairness of the game proof that it does. They don't notify you whenever they're taking the game to upgrade it. They have Rally's and they cannot get the program right to where all you get or duplicate puzzle pieces and the prices are outrageous. They have yet you're reimbursed me for money I have lost because of their problems and they do not know how to code. Screenshots show a million words. I have screenshots of other users who are complaining about this on their style covet cancel Facebook page. This company is made over 45 million dollars and they can't even make things Fair. They have what they call a rally 1500 is what you use to Max. But in order to get into rally they have required objects or clothes.

One of them can be 1500 and the other two thousand. When I complain to help desk I show them the problems I ask for a refund I've never been given one. I am in the mix of going locally and filing a small claims report on them. I am not the only one they are making money off this like you would not imagine and not listening to anybody's complaints. I was searching the internet finding the major corporations that own this but I found the stockholders or someone like Facebook and Time Warner so that tells me a lot. So the only recourse I have a small claims let the CEO come to my town. The judge will find them fairness she don't care what he is.

  • Dec 21, 2016

I have played Covet Fashion for over a year and not had too many problems, though I believe that the voting is rigged. However, I've been playing their new game, Design Home, for quite a few months now and have been ripped off time and time again! I have complained numerous times but I either get some stupid answer or I'm totally ignored! It's basically an interior design game. You buy the furniture that fits with the challenge and add it into the room. When I first started playing, the furniture you bought was yours for keeps. All of a sudden, I had a fatal error, couldn't do anything except reinstall the game, and since then, is lost most of my extensive inventory, and any new stuff I bought, I could only use a handful of times before it disappeared! I complained through the help feature in the game, and received some idiotic reply about clearing the cache!! I left the game for ages, then thought I'd try it again, but it was still the same, only now, in the FAQs, it tells you that when you buy something, you only get 5 uses before you have to buy it again!!!! Firstly, they should've told players that they were changing the whole way the game works, not just give us a fatal error until we reinstalled the new rip off version! Secondly, the customer services should've explained this to me when I first complained! Added to this, I stupidly used real money to buy in game diamonds in order to buy the furniture required for a challenge. Except it took my money, took my diamonds, and didn't give me the furniture! I refuse to use real money now, just the daily allowance and what I win, because it still keeps taking my in game money and diamonds without giving me the furniture!! I have complained about this numerous times and they're still ignoring me!! This company is one big rip off with customer service staff that don't even know how the game works!!!!

  • Mar 3, 2016

CrowdStar Inc. is refusing to refund stolen cash or add it back to my account.

I purchased $34.00 worth of diamonds within 5 days; $7.99 on February 15th, $1.99 on February 15th, $1.99 on February 18th, $1.99 on February 19th and $19.99 on February 20th.

After making the first purchase on February 15th ($9.99), I converted the purchased diamonds into cash. For a challenge, I bought a dress that was $600. The game froze and up and then glitched after I purchased the dress. When I restarted it, it had taken exactly $1,000 from me. I was a little annoyed, but I didn't make a fuss of it being it was only $400.

After making my last purchase on February 20th ($19.99), I bought a pair of shoes for $175 during a challenge. The game froze and glitched again. When I restarted it this time, my balance was more than $3,000 less than what I had before I bought the shoes. I was obviously past annoyed this time since $3,000 cash was equivalent to 3,000 diamonds. I bought 6,000 diamonds for $19.99. By taking 3,000 GAME dollars, that was a waste of nearly 10 REAL dollars.

I kept restarting the game in hopes it would give it back since it HAS done this before but has given it back every time outside of these two times. After about an hour or so of trying to restart the game, I contacted customer service.

After a few days, they finally returned my email and asked for my username. I gave them my username; NellieBellie1738. They later sent me an email stating everything was accounted for. Well, I don't know about you, but I think even a first grader can tell you a pair of $175 shoes doesn't equal $3,000. So, while they were thinking I wasn't intelligent enough to do basic addition and subtraction, I started reading their reviews on GooglePlay and various sites. By doing so, I found this is a typical problem within the game. However, I guess I was lucky enough to get a response seeing how 99% of the customers said they never got any responses back after multiple weeks and multiple attempts.

After I replied explaining yet AGAIN what had happened, I got an email back the next morning stating I had previously sent the complaint while my name was "isuckatthisshit." Well, therein lies the problem. You're obviously not looking at my account. My account name has been NellieBellie1738 since the first week I downloaded the game.

I asked them to direct me somebody who can actually help me. They refused to even acknowledge my request.

Let me also add, I do not appreciate a company who tries to belittle their customers. I am not a 13-year-old girl playing this game. I am and adult. I have spent years in school to earn my degrees to further my education. I am not ignorant nor will I be spoken to like I am.

I would highly suggest, anybody and everybody reading this, find another game. Please, spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. You are buying DIAMONDS! They are not a retail company. They will not be out of any money if they RETURN cash or diamonds that was STOLEN from you.

After further research and investigation of this game and their practices, I just want my money back. $10.00 would be the amount of cash the game took from me. I knowingly used the remainder of the diamonds and cash purchased, so I just want my $10.00 (3,000 worth of diamonds taken) back.

I was originally interested in continuing to play this game. However, after their condescending attitude, I do not want anything to do with this business and their poor customer service skills.

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