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Cross Country Moving & Storage

Country United States
State Maryland
City Rockville
Address 11810 Grand Park Ave #500
Phone 1 301-949-8881

Cross Country Moving & Storage Reviews

  • Oct 2, 2018

We are very dissatisfied with the moving experience with Cross Country Moving and Storage. US DOT: 829126. They extorted additonal money from us for the move through lies and deception.

The move of our Household Goods by Cross Country Moving and Storage did not live up to the expectations that the company promised through their media and representative. It started off well working with their "Logistics Specialist" Alex Parker who was pleasant, responsive, thorough, and professional. He made various statements verbally and via email that were intended to place us at ease and build confidence in his company. Unfortunately, these statement were untrue and misleading.

The main issue is that we were charged improperly and made to pay for space on a truck that didn't exist and we didn't need to use. The pickup crew did not take all of the items that we originally wanted to move forcing us to rent a trailer to take our remaining items. We were coerced into agreeing to pay additional costs for this move under the threat of refusing to move our household items.

We were asked, and provided, a detailed list of items. We identified each item and included the physical dimension of each item. The final estimate provided by our Logistics Specialist was quoted at $5,900.00 for 1,623 cubic feet.

During the pickup, the pickup crew leader improperly advised that the moving truck he brought had a capacity of 2,200 cubic feet. This is completely inaccurate as the 26’ foot Enterprise Rental truck that was used has the physical dimension of 26'x8.5'x8.5' (LxWxH) which is 1,878 cubic feet.

He advised that if they filled the truck we would owe additional moving costs for 567 cubic feet of household goods.

Due to the poor packing techniques and carelessness of the packing crew the truck was filled without packing all of the items on our inventory list. When asked about the remaining items we were told that we should rent a trailer. We did rent a trailer and incurred an additional $1,000.00 in expenses to move the items that the movers did not take.

After the truck was loaded we were told that total bill would be $11,500.00 which was almost double the original estimate. After we complained about the high costs the foreman offered to discount some of the supply and moving costs. We discussed the moving and supply costs for nearly an hour. He lowered the price several times finally stating that the best that he could do was $8,250.00. This was 40% over the original estimate. Our moving costs went from the estimated $5,900.00 to $8,250.00. And they didn't take all of our house hold items.

When it came time to deliver our house hold goods, the delivery crew called and they informed us that we would need to pay an additional $300.00 for the rental truck that they were using. When they arrived it was noted that the truck was the same size that was used to pick up our goods. The driver confirmed it was 26' truck. At the time of delivery it was 3/4 full. The calculation of 1,878 Cubic feet multiplied by 75% is 1,400 cubic feet. The total of 1,400 cubic foot was validated on the delivery crew paperwork.

In addition to paying more for the move than we should have, we identified and verified damage to 16 items including:

Refrigerator - dent damage to the front door

Refrigerator – shelf parts damaged



End table

2 - Lamps broken

24 damaged boxes

Large Craftsman Tool Chest – scratched and dented in several areas

Some of the other lies and falsehoods that we were misled about included the following.

All workers are W2 based employees - Not true - Each and every one of the workers were contract workers.

Professionally trained, uniformed, and courteous movers - Not True - No uniforms, not courteous and I would question that they were trained.

All trucks are owned and operated by the company - Not True - The pick up was an Enterprise Rental truck. The delivery truck was a rental as well as the delivery foreman required us to pay an additional fee directly to him to cover the truck rental.

Cross Country will professionally pack all household goods with free moving quilts - Misleading - They charged for the tape to fasten the quilts to the furniture at the rate of $8.00 per roll.

We feel that we were misled with false and inaccurate statements with the sole intention of increasing the money to be paid for the move. The pickup crew was careless with our belongings and the packing. The move was very stressful and much more costly than it should have.

We have requested a refund from Cross Country Moving and Stroage but they have not replied.

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