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  • Jul 6, 2018

Your Information Kit #LA435096Name: Graham , Brian Reports Ancestry AnalysisMaternal HaploPaternal HaploFamous People Dashboard Ancestry Analysis

Below you can uncover the secrets of your family story. The interactive map and ancestral estimate breakdown below provides your background composition and can help shed some light on where your DNA came from, to create YOU. | Print




22.6%Northwestern European


9%Toscani Italian

5.2%South Asian

2.5%Gujarati Indian


0.3%Sri Lankan Tamil


3.2%Ad Mixed American



0.7%Puerto Rican


1.3%East Asian

0.6%Kinh Vietnamese


0.3%Chinese Dai

+ − British

This Genotype is represented throughout people in closely neighboring geographical regions such as:












Britain was first settled by modern humans as far back as 12,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age as the ice sheet covering Europe receded. Back then, Britain was connected to the European mainland by a land bridge known as “Doggerland,” which was eventually submerged as sea levels rose.

Since that first settlement 12,000 years ago, Britain has one of the most complex genetic and cultural histories of any nation. The people who first settled the British Isles eventually evolved into several Celtic tribes by 2500 BC. The Romans had conquered England and Wales by 54 BC, spreading Roman culture and genes throughout those regions. The Romans were unable to conquer the Northern regions, such as Scotland, where Celtic tribes still maintained their culture and overall genetic makeup.

Roman rule in Britain collapsed by 410 AD as Anglo-Saxons flooded the region, significantly altering the culture and genetic makeup as they spread a Germanic influence. The migration of Anglo-Saxons to Britain appears to have had the most significant effect on the overall genome of the British population.

Britain saw large scale invasions by Vikings in 865 AD and by Norman French in 1066 AD, which further altered the genetic makeup of British populations, but did not have nearly as significant of an impact as the preceding Roman and Anglo-Saxon migrations.

To this day, the genetic makeup of British people varies by region according to the same tribal kingdoms of pre-Viking Britain. People in England and the other Central/Eastern regions of Britain tend to be the most genetically similar to their Germanic/Anglo-Saxon roots. People in Wales and the other Western/Southern regions of Britain have managed to hold onto more Roman/Norman French genes. People in Scotland, Ireland, and the other Northern regions of Britain still maintain a largely Celtic genome. There are traces of Scandinavian genes left by Vikings throughout all of Britain.

Not surprisingly, the relative genetic isolation of these regions has also resulted in each region having a culture that is unique and distinct from the other regions. Never make the mistake of calling a Welsh or Scottish person “English” (or vice versa)! make the mistake of calling a Welsh or Scottish person “English” (or vice versa)!

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  • Jun 19, 2019



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  • Jun 5, 2019

I have contacted CRI 5 times about my dissatisfied attitude of their reports. I paid for 3 reports and got only one.

My family tree and family history as far as I can go is 1562. It says my family and ancesters are from Scotish and Irish. The CRI testing says I am 58% German. Where did they get their report becasue I believe it to be inaccurate. I also believe I over paid for what I got.

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  • May 28, 2019

Cut and Paste

After receiving my report I went to the internet because I suspected my results were bogus. I knew the family tree of all four grandparents going back four generations and not a hint of German ancestry as declared by CRI let alone Peruvian, Mexican, Puerto Rican or Punjabi.

Several people posted their results online and lo and behold they were Peruvian, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Punjabi. What are the odds that every report I uncovered online had the same ancestry as mine. At this point the only conclusion is that CRI relies heavily on Cutting and Pasting similar genetic results across a broad number of patrons.

Buyer beware.....

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  • Jan 20, 2019


I had the ancestry answers, well OK. But then I bought the excited hype about all these health answers I would receive monthly. Guess what I learned for 3 months until I cancelled. I have wet ear wax, probably blue eyes (yes), not likely lactose intolerant (yes), likely a heavy sleeper (no). Please! I wanted to learn something I didn't already know. This is just silliness to think I would be excited for a genetic company tell me I have wet ear wax or blue eyes.

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  • Oct 12, 2018

FAKE! I went to one review site that reported Dr Fedorov is the Dr Fedirov of Toledo, Ohio University. There is no connection as Dr. Alexei Federov of Toledo College. I do find one in Russia this could be if they even have a Dr Alexei Fedorov at CRI. What they promise and what they deliver are two different things. They promise you separate DNA tests, including Autosomal, mtDNA, 'Y' Chomosome and Famous People. Now they are hyping 'Health' Reports for additional $99 and telling you for you it's Special for only $99 Extra a year you'll get all these worthless reports.

First off let's start from the beginning: I thought I'd researched these DNA Testing sites online well enough and came up with 'Living DNA' as the best choice. Why? Because they offered better and more detailed results apparently. But they are located in Denmark and I did not want to wait so long for DNA Results to be available. That was my first mistake..... thinking that because a Testing Facility was supposedly in America and would be faster was a bad idea. So this is how they Rip You Off.

They give you the impression that they are a team of Professionals and you are being personally served by one Dr Alexei Fedorov...... only he's now located in Santa Monica, California, with this fine team of professionals who'll be running your DNA sample Raw Data through some unique DNA Testing he invented. Seems official right..... and I'm talking about when you search for this Dr Fedorov you get this;

Only you can't back up they are one and the same person. Plus when you begin the ordering process, you are hit with 'Infomercial' Type Tactics that have you thinking if you don't act now.... you'll miss out on all these deals. By the time they've finished, you bought each FAKE Promise and spent $100's of Dollars for what you could have gotten from 'Living DNA' for $89 and they actually give you useable information on your genetics. CRI ends up giving you ONE PAGE Results obivously Copied from other online sites.

Is the Whole World From 'FINLAND'? I don't think so, but that's what you get.... until you tell them where your ancestry is really from. That and China, India, Pacific Islands, and guess what? Yes.... Europe! You know where everybody's Ancestors are from. You are also told your ancestors are from South America and Mexico??? How can that be when, you know all four sets of grandparents were off the boat imigrants from Europe. Only where they are from in Europe aren't in the reports they give you. Like I said.... these are all generic results that could be reported for anyone in America almost half right..... BUT NOT.... Exactly What You Spent All that $100's of Dollars for!!!

Mine and my Son's Autosomal Tests were a joke. He remained primarily 'Finnish' and mine got changed after I complained twice. Now that's teh first clue you're Getting RIPPED OFF! .....when where you're from gets changed to what you tell them you are!!!

But.... again you see no Autosomal Haplogroup testing and nothing close to specifically Identify what your Genetics might actually be. Plus.... (and this is a big one, because other supposedly more reputable sites offer you 'Raw Data' Downloads. So you can take that Raw Data Results to another site and you can get much more information fro FREE that CRI wants to charge you for. So now it's telling me I'm French. Which is only partly Right and it's just another 'Spit in Your Palm Over a Map' SLAP to get your Genetics Results.

I've now dug up more information from my family and online than what I've paid $100's for and my son is still a percentage of Finnish and East Indian? Like everyone that's gotten results from them and not complained. Get real! ....there a young girl on YouTube who got a Gift of CRI Autosomal Testing and guess what? She found out she may be may be more closely related to me (before my results were changed and my son. They might even be Twins and I and his mother just don't know it!

Now I could go on and on and give you links to various reviews.... like the one that told me they were so great (which may be a 'Shill' site), but I'll give you one link to a Top 51 Review Site. That rates CRI in the bottom 10 of online Genetics DNA Ancestry Websites.... and they should be lower;

Now we get to the Meat of their mtDNA that you would think would get you closer to where you are really from genetically. Guess what folks? Your Mother's DNA says you are from... guess where? Somewhere in Europe and you are told some Generic 'Palm Spit' tracking of a Haplogroup like 'H' or 'T' and isn't that nice? At any of the top sites on this list (if they do offer you more than Autosomal of a Wild Guess) and they'll tell you not only your basic somewhere in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and China.... (remember everybody has some Chinese, East Indian and especially 'Finnish' in them).

Your reports for Subclades (which are what you really want to know, if they were actually doing just a mininal amount of Acutual Sequencing) of any Haplogroups on both mtDNA and 'Y' Chromosome Paternal Testing are non existant and you finally find out how ridiculously generic the information they give you (if it's even True) ends up being. AND... that Famous People you may be related to... you stupidly paid for? Nothing you couldn't find if you searched yourself on Wiki or the Internet! Don't Waste Your Money and for sure don't listen to their 'Infomerical Sales Associates' who are most likely were on their way from giving plasma and having just put their application in for CRI Support Representative Telemarketing Fly By Night Warehouse.

Where you are forced to reading 'Art of the Con' or some other FAKE Sales Technique and the DNA Test Results? Well Russia and China both love getting all that information about YOU!!!

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  • Mar 20, 2019

What's best

So in conclusion did you find a reputable testing company?

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  • Jan 11, 2019

Of course I'm Finnish

I received the CRI Genetics kit as a birthday gift. Sent it in. While waiting, I began to research them, and discovered numerous sites complaining that it was a scam, that everyone was from Finland. 48 hours after they received my kit, I received my results. Guess what? I was from Finland!!!!!

I know that my ancestry originated in central asia and greece. Total scam.

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  • Jul 13, 2018

I sent a DNA sample to CRI genetics, and it was processed VERY quickly. I have pretty good knowledge of my family heritage, so I was shocked to find out from CRI Genetics that I am mostly Finnish and that I also have a lot of Asian ancestors and South American ancestors.

I searched You Tube for CRI Genetics reviews and the couple I watched had almost identical reports! Lots of Finnish/Asian/South American people out there, I guess? So I spent a little extra money and had my DNA tested by a more commonly known company, and guess what?! That report came back as I guessed it would. (Mostly British with a little Western European) Instead of being mostly Finnish, the more reputable company has me at 0%. And 0% South American and 0% Asian.

Look, I would love to have an exotic background like the one CRI sent me -- but it's just not true. And the more I research, the more I see people getting the same strange mix of results from CRI Genetics that I was given -- almost identical to mine!

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  • Apr 25, 2018

Utterly wrong familial DNA report for our family. Then I look online and see that my result is almost identical to the one advertised online result that I remember thinking was so weirdly far-flung from the 4 corners of the globe. Also, read that these companies are telling white, Europeans that they are from Muslim, African, Western European countries to manipulate the masses and affect racism. Sadly that sounds about right and the fact that CRI Genetics is in California, now makes this all seem very possible. Shame on me as CRI Genetics tells you up front they are not held to any accuracy standard as siblings can have completely opposing results---and I trusted them anyway. I will warn EVERYONE who will listen to AVOID CRI GENETICS IF YOU WANT TRUTH AND ACCURACY. I am writing my state and federal attys generals about this company.

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  • Apr 14, 2019

You have a point but you're stupid

Yeah you have a point CRI genetics is a scam, but Muslim is not a race, it is a religion... Maybe you are referring to Arab countries? Americans are so stupid...

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  • Mar 28, 2018

In February, 2018, I ordered two DNA test kits from CRI Genetics. The following day, I had a small house fire that needed repairs. I called the company and asked for a refund. They said since the kits had not yet been mailed, a refund would be made. However, my credit card showed they had NOT refunded one cent and had kept my money. I consider this lie proof of a scam and rip off.

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  • Mar 26, 2018

DNA testing did not reveal any of my family heritage and I'm not adopted. The DNA testing my son, sister and brothers had tested, all matched and made sense. This company is a total rip off. they will not give me a refund, or didn't even offer a retest. Someone there obviously made an error, but they won't own up to it. USE 23ANDMe, not this company. You will be dissapointed!!!

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  • Jun 8, 2019

I ordered dna testing (3) from CRI Genetics. Registered my 3 kits so I could get results. Results never came. I asked about them several weeks later. They said mine was complete, but not the other 2, and to access results...completed 25 May 2019.

I was never allowed on to the results site and had many problems with the password....they took me down many rabbit holes and then I knew I had been scammed. No results. They took my money and did nothing. Total rip off.

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