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Credit Source One

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address Equitable Building, 401 N Michigan Ave #1200
Phone 1 855-955-2733

Credit Source One Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2017

Please be aware of Ms Kenya Taylor or Ross if that's her real name and this business called Credit Source One and also known as Dycor Financial. I was refered to Ms Taylor who from day one said with a witness on the conference call who now knows the corruption of Ms Taylor and her allies. She said 30 day guarentee.

I am a licenced and bonded car dealer in Texas and the gentleman who refered me to her are now knowing of how this suppose to be business operates. One of the reasons why I chose Ms Taylor if that is her real name, was the guy who took me to her and felt she could help me in my business not only for myself but also others if the business was handle properly. I told Ms Taylor or Ross, not sure which name is correct.

That I had been burned several times looking for someone who will do the work they claim. However Ms Taylor, Ross whichever did what most of these people do in this type business, nothing. I received what I believe is a bogus CPN number and never received not one trade line or any of the items listed in a bogus contract she provides. Trust me it's garbage.

She sells you by saying you can pay by credit card and if work is not completed by her given time frame, you can dispute it. Sounds ok, but you give your hard earned money to accomplish something that will help you, not loan her money to get by until she burns someone to pay you back.

Now, even the person who refered me to her she won't return his calls either or she'll say I'll call right back, sounds firmilar, which never happens and he said he has know her approx 4 years. I've now learned of others who have been burned by Ms Taylor or Ross. My point here is to be aware of this business and its tactics.

I have sent out a letter to this company Dycor Financial as well because if she is using their name to defraud, I want them to be aware if they are not already. I told her that a great portion of my family is law enforcemnt and I have contact with the Federal Trade Commision where a company like this will be put in the spot light. It is illegal to offer an affiliate program over the net to rip people off period.

I'm just getting started on her because of the lies and decit she has done. I am having both of these companies put in the spot light. I am not sure with the company Dycor if they are directly involved but I will know soon. They may not know she is using their name to hustle and gain trust, not sure but it will come out.

Also there is an attorney involved that my card payment was processed, he as well will be put in the spot light because he allows someone like this person to use his or her business. Again, she cross the line and now it's time bring her down. If you have been ripped off by this lady, you can contact me at [email protected]

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