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Credit Sesame, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Mountain View
Address 607 A West Dana St.
Phone (800) 422-8579

Credit Sesame, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

A while back I signed up for Credit Sesame, I had the standard service - which is free, so I didn't have any problems with them. I wanted to take extra precautions due to an incident that happened to me; I paid for their 'premium' service so they could monitor my credit of any unusual activity.

That isn't the problem, the problem arised when I wasn't able to afford the service anymore and I wanted to cancel my subscription. I've never had an issue cancelling anything before, most online services allow it to be an easy process...not credit sesame.

First, when I tried to cancel my subscription an alert popped up that said I had to contact their email services, which is weird, I've never had to do that. So I did, I never heard a thing back. I did not want them billing me again or sending me an overdraft free, I attempted to contact them several times, to which I never received a response.

I contacted my bank so I could put a stop payment on them. My bank told me before I do that, I should probably contact them and they provided me with a number. If this story hasn't convinced you of sketchiness on their part, don't worry, soon it will. I tried to reach a representative, they were still closed. So I waited until they were open, I didn't call right away, I waited a bit and then called.

The automated system says they're all busy and for faster service I should go to their 'help center' which is just a way of saying your email is in queue and may never be gotten to and conveniently, means we'll still try to bill you and there's nothing you can do about it. They also don't allow you to remove your card information.

This 'business' is a scam and I do blame myself for not thoroughly researching them before deciding to give them my card information. I looked at some reviews but didn't dig deep like I usually would. Now, I have to pay my bank a stop fee to keep this garbage company from taking any other fees.

Avoid them, they're not ethical or reputable and they're the ones you have to worry about stealing from you.

  • Jan 11, 2018

Experian Credit: I was checking out my wife's credit report on Credit Sesame as they only give the score. There was a notation that for one dollar I can get the whole report from Experian Credit so I put the one dollar on my Paypal debit card. When I looked for the report, I could not get it so for one dollar, I wasn't worried about it. The next day, I looked at my Paypal account and noticed that Experian charged my card for 21.95. I waited a day and called up Experian Credit and after about a half hour I got a woman in a department and she told me I would have to speak to another department that she switched my call to. The recording came on that I would have to wait over an hour to speak to someone. Right away I thought that that was very unusual and after 20 minutes of waiting just hung up. I figured I would try Rip Off Reports and see what I get and sure enough, many people had the same problem. . United States

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