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Credit Acceptance Corporation

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 25505 West Twelve Mile Road
Phone 248-353-2700

Credit Acceptance Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2020

Was tell them and proof that all the account has been added to the bankruptcy and they still report as open on my credit report, also they can't proof that the car I volunteer retuned sold on action how much the cost. Never got the proof anything from them.

  • Jan 30, 2019

I called credit accepstance and ask them if I could make my Dec payment on Jan 18th with out getting in trouble with them

the Lady on the phone said sure no promble I which I did I made a payment of 309.18 on Jan 18th which was My Dec payment and my

Jan 2019 payment . On the 15th of Jan when I called and talked to credit accpetance about making the payment on the 18th they could have have said

if you dont make a payment today we will mark you 30 Days Late

I made the payment on Jan 18th like I said I would and they dinged my credit score with a 30 day late mark Now i can not buy the house i have a contract on which closes on Feb 22nd

First they said they would remove it then 20 Mins. later said they would not then later said they would then On Monday the 21st said they would Not

If this does not get removed in the next week I dead for buy the house I nedd I am a 62 year old Vet that needs this house for my Family please help

  • Jan 22, 2019


Do not get a loan through these clowns. They start calling the day before your payment is even due, at 8am! regardless if it's sunday. Then call once an hour until you answer. Once you answer the phone (again the day before your payment is even due) you have to answer 50 questions on why you havent paid yet today! Huge scam, ridiculous rates, rude even hateful customer phone representatives...worst experience ever and this is my 20th car loan in life...wlorst experience ever!

  • May 9, 2018

Credit acceptance (517) 861-2084 They repoed vehicle after i was on a pay plan. Also claim they been trying to contact me but thats all bullsh*t. Charged me fees extra fees for having bad credit. Also make it very hard to re finance with other lenders becsuse of high amount owed.

  • Mar 24, 2018

I purchased a car in 2008 the car ended up bein repossed. Long story short they resold the car and garnished my pay check to pay for a car i no longer have and they resold the car.

They garnished my paycheck to pay for a car they resold.

  • Sep 7, 2017

My vehicle was repossed today. My wife called me from work saying the tow truck was there taking it. I immediately called them to find out what was going on. I had done a promise to pay back on august 7th 2017 promising to pay $100 on the 11th. Well I was busy that day and completely forgot. I remembered the next day on the 12th and paid it. I have also been making weekly payments ever since so I figured I was all set. Nearly 1 month later, today on the 6th they repo it and tell me that I still owe $251 and I "broke" the arrangmrepoon the 11th so a repo order was issued. They are punishing me today for something that happened a month ago even though I paid it the next day and had been making weekly payments the next day. They repoed my vehicle a few months earlier which caused me to lose my job. This led to becoming homeless and it took literally everything I had to get it back. I am still homeless and was doing everything I could to pay them. I am currently living in a homeless shelter with my wife and 4 children. We lost nearly everything and now they took our van because of a stupid mistake. My wife cant get to work now so she will lose her job soon. We only owe $251 as of right now. Our monthly payment was $284.93. We owe them less than a single payment. We fell on some hard times but were doing what we could to make the payments and now they have not only destroyed our lives but wont even work with us to get this sorted out. I spoke to 3 different people and they want me to pay $251 that I owe and a $290 repo fee and the next months payment befote they will give us back our vehicle. We are homeless and my wife works at dunkin donuts. We dont have that kind of money. They took everything from us and should be held accountable.

  • Jun 12, 2017

I have paid 15,000 on my 2007 jeep with less than 5,000 to go , yes I have struggled to make my payments on time due to lack of income, but I was 1 and a half months past due to walk outside finding my vehicle being towed,when I spoke with credit acceptance last week they would not even take a partial payment they said a full payment or my vehicle would be diabled,not repied,I told them I could make a full payment the following Friday and they could even debit it from my account but they would not extend any agreement,so instead they repoed it,well I've now by researching figured out why,if your almost paid off they want it back to make more off of when selling it,screw them I am getting an tourney and fighting this,beware don't let this happen to yoy,now I can't get to work,just was fired today wow my day has sacked don't let this happen to you

  • Apr 24, 2017

I was late making a payment and they reported that i was 180 days late on my credit report. If i was that late why haven't you come get the car?

  • Apr 18, 2017

I am very upst with the way CREDIT ACCEPTANCE has been handling thier business... My car was repoed back in I believe Sept. 2016 for non payment, which is understandable because i was late.. I had to pay $520 to get my car back.. I payed the $520 to credit acceptance and had to drive from Romulus all the way to Flint to get my car. when i got there it took them 45 min to tell me my car wont start n smells like wires are burning.. there was nothin wrong with the car before they towed it.. they said i would have to tow the car (from flint to romulus would cost alot of money for towing).. couldnt afford to tow so i had to leave the car there nd file a report..

Finally at the end of Dec. they called n said they fixed it and I could come pick my car back up after I pay another $520.. Well I payed the $520 again and go to Flint to get my car.. now this is where there get over on me.. I had a payment due the 17th of March.. I was a couple days late so they charged me a late fee..I owed 550 now ok fine I paid it on the 21st of March.. so now i got until April 17th to pay again.. So I thought.. i woke up on April 10th to find my car has been repoed again.. I am very upset and hurt because every time i turn around its something with these people.. Making my life hard.. Im a single mother n have to work..

I call Credit Acceptance to find out why the repoed my car again it hasnt been a whole month since my last payment.. They told me I was suppose to make another payment date which I was not aware of since my payment date was the 17th and that since I was late I was suppose to pay the car off in full.. which made no sense at all because they told me over the phone to just pay the $550 that included the late fee.. everytime i call to talk to someone they say something different..Now they want me to pay another $520to get out of repo.. i dnt think i should have to go threw this it hasnt been a month... I need a Lawyer immediately.. can someone Please help me or refer me to someone who can.. Thank You

  • Feb 18, 2017

ON January 19th I requested 10 day payoff letter fromcredit acceptance so I can so refinance our Chrysler 200 . The payoffamt was 13,929.61. It expired. Then I called credit acceptance so I could get a new letter now the payoff amt is 14,233.17 . How does the payoff amt go up when a payment was made in February of this year and I am not liable for any payment until June because of the 2,000 dollar lump sum payment that I wrote for principal only.

  • Dec 17, 2016

In the contract with credit acceptance prepayment goes unpenalized . Prepayment means that you are attempting to pay off the loan early. When I sent the check for 2,000 dollars it was supposed too be applied to the principal only not principal and interest. The contract doesn't that.

  • Oct 27, 2016

This company finaced a car to me that was savage vehicle. I was ask to give paperwork which I did to prove that the vehicle was a lemon. They are trying to get me to pay 6000 dollars for a 100 dollar car. I show ed that the contract was fraudelent I have them in civil court as we speak.

  • Oct 13, 2016

I bought a 2003 Ford escape for my sister. She wasn't paying any payments. So I decided to get it from her. As I was making payments for at least 8 months I lost my job. And couldn't afford the payments so I called and told them to come pick up the car. About a year later a received a garnishment threw the mail and a letter also came to supervisors front office. From that point on they have been taking almost $200 out of my pay check each week. I understand that I owe them but I no for sure I don't owe them 10,000 for a d**n 03 Ford escape. Please help!

  • Aug 12, 2016

At the end of my report is a full list of who to contact to file a formal complaint and what they can offer the consumer!

Post your complaints anywhere you can online because it helps these agencies with similar complaints and can hopefully help us faster.

I see a lot of people who seem to be going through the same struggle that I am and want to help as many people as possible because NO ONE deserves to be treated so poorly by corporations!

PLEASE follow through and file your complaint with at least one of the agencies listed because they can and WILL do a FULL investigation. This not only helps you but also everyone else who is being screwed over by lenders.

Here is just a taste of my story 2 years later!

I purchased a 2012 Dodge Journey on 8/2/2014 that was sold as a "Certified Pre-Owned" from Medved in Castle Rock, CO. The only finance company they said would work with us was Credit Acceptance Corporation with an interest rate of 18.99% but could refinance it after a year.

I don't have enough time to go into all of the fraudulent and horrible things that have been going on with this company but THEY are corrupt and need to be shut down! I needed a car so we did it.

I asked for the Carfax and was told they would give it to me once the finance paperwork came back due to having to update me as a new owner but all Certified cars were 1 owner, never wrecked, and eligible for an extended service contract.

By the time we got the financing done it was about 9:30pm on a Saturday and was told they would have to wait for CAC to write it up but they would give me my Buyers Order which shows the contract.

During this time they told me that CAC required I have a starter interruption device installed in the car due to being high risk which i was told could be removed after 1 year of good payments and I agreed to do it.

I looked everything over and saw that they had charged me a $25.00 emission fee and asked why that was on there. I was told it was an error because the vehicle is emission exempt and they would correct it when I came back for my completed finance paperwork because the lender would not put that on there.

During this time I got a phone call that CAC would only finish the loan if I added GAP insurance and an extended service contract but that I had to sign the form it was my choice.

I was told that I can refuse it but then they would not give me the loan and I would lose my $1500.00 cash down plus mileage on the car so I was left with no choice.

When I finally got my finance paperwork they had charged me for the emission test too! I asked why and was told that I had to call CAC to have them remove it. I contacted CAC who told me that Medved put it on the loan so the charge was valid.

I told them that it was exempt and asked to speak with their legal department. The amount on my finance paperwork is more than the amount on my Buyers Order but they said it's legal.

For over 2 years now I have been fighting the finance company about my loan. I have proof that everything about it is fraudulent including my extended warranty which I canceled and have still not been refunded for.

The mileage on the vehicle is not correct according to all of my docs and would speak with "Nick" at CAC who would give me a few days to come up with the proof he demanded or he would close the case. He closed my case about 10 times over the years.

I finally sent him EVERYTHING and could not get a hold of him for months at a time and was told he was the ONLY person I could speak with. Once I finally spoke with "Nick" he said that he went over everything and there was nothing he could find wrong even though the car doesn't show that I am the owner through Dodge or Carfax etc.

He told me he was closing the case and if I got the proof that the car was exempt to let him know and he would reopen it. He said its only the dealers fault but they have to check the vehicles they lend for! I went to motor vehicle where it shows it was tested on date of purchase but it wasn't so I went to the emissions place to get a VTR report and the ONLY time it ever had emissions was when I was forced to do it on 11/30/2015 since it showed it in the computer through DMV.

It was reported fraudulently and are charging me for items they can't.I have been calling daily begging them to transfer me to the legal dept to speak with Nick about this and was told that there's a note on my file stating they are NOT aloud to transfer me to the legal dept since he closed it! I still faxed the proof with a letter but no return call. I have EVERY conversation on recording as proof too!

I spoke with Motor Vehicle Emissions department who said he would take my vehicle off of the cycle which would make it emission exempt like it was supposed to be.


The people here are horrible and I plan on doing another report on here for the dealership who is just as involved.

CAC told me that they no longer do business with the dealership due to their "shady" practices yet they're doing the same thing!

I have seen a lot of complaints on here where people don't seem to know who to call just like me in the beginning so I want to give you all of the resources you need to file formal complaints.

I live in Colorado but these are all Nationwide and some you may have to check into your local offices but those are easy to locate.

I found out that specific agencies deal with specific issues so here are the ones you can report to.

I really hope everyone on here takes the time to submit a complaint with at least one agency because this is absolutely ridiculous.

They think they're protected because the Auto Industry doesn't deal with lenders but they're NOT!

I'm new to this site so am not sure if you can contact me but PLEASE feel free to do so if you can and I will help you as much as I can.

I have spent 2 years dealing with this crap and am permanentley disabled but they don't care. Missing specialist appointments because they have me running all over trying to get documents that they have easier access to than I do just to be told that they closed me case!

I can NOT get through to their legal department and it really doesn't matter because they won't do anything but for them to notate my account that no one is to transfer me to them is BOGUS!

Also make sure to look over your finance paperwork very carefully for discrepencies and contact you Motor Vehicle and Emissions Agencies if you suspect anything.


  • Jul 9, 2016

I purchased a vehicle and was financed through credit acceptance. I am now looking to get out of the current vehicle, which is worthless and credit acceptance knew this, and because they frauded me by charging me thousands of dollars in interest and refusing to alter it even under threat of legal action, they have effectively stuck me with a vehicle that I can't ever get rid of. Do not go to any dealership that works with credit acceptance. You will be scammed and stuck with a worthless vehicle because that is all they are willing to finance is worthless vehicles that they pull a profit on. They need to be shut down and all of their employees arrested for fraud.

  • Apr 7, 2016

My car is financed through Credit Acceptance. From the begining of the loan with them I have had nothing but problems. I admit there were a few times I was going to be late so I called them and was treated like dirt. I continue to pay the payments and finally got to where the car to be paid off in Aug 2015. I kept paying every month to make sure everything was paid because I was sure they were showing late fees or something until this last month. I did not make a payment, but sent them a letter requesting the payoff. Their answer was to repo my car during the night out of my apartment parking lot. All my possessions are still in it. They could have come to my door to let me know they were doing this.

I refuse to talk to these agents because they are rude. They treat you like you are dirt! Sorry I had some problems over the last several years but I was paying. There was not reason for them to take my car. All they had to do was respond to my letter in writing as I requested. I believe after reading all of the complaints from other customers, that this is what Credit Acceptance does. They wait until a car is almost paid off or fake payment records so they can take the vehicles and make more money by selling repo's. They are not a company with integrity. They prey on people that have fallen on hard times and make it seem like they are your saving grace while the charge an extremely high interest rate , make your payments a weight around your neck and treat you like dirt .

So , todsy I cannot go to work and I have to call to see where my car is so I can get my personal property. I will get in trouble for not being at work today so I have that to deal with too. I will get through this and i have learned a lesson.

Congratulations Credit Acceptance, you have screwed another consumer!

  • Mar 22, 2016

I kept in contact with them when i lost my job in November 2013. repeatedly notified them that i was unable to make [payment because of my loss of wages. they insisted i keep the car knowing and me explaianing my situation. When i told them come pick up the car they did pick it up but i never recieved a letter saying the car was sold with a balance to work with me to pay off the difference. Now i have attorney's harrassing mme, froze my bank account and no one is returning calls. They're calling my job to try and garnish my wages and i dont even make enough to survive. Explained my health issues and they don't care. Plus i pay for all my medications, dr visits and can't even save like i want to do so. They don't keep their word to cutomers.

  • Jan 15, 2016

We been paying for a 2007 Toyota Camry since 4-9-2013 our payments has been coming out on the 17th of each month for over 2 years, we received a call from a representative of Credit Acceptance telling us that the vehicle was in repossession. I didn't understand because my payment just came out. The representative stated that we had a late fee of $42 and the car would be repossessed. We woke this morning and the car was in fact repossessed.

  • Dec 25, 2015

Credit Acceptance Corporation had approved me for an auto loan in 2005. Unfortunately the car had started to have lots of mechanical problems that were going to be very expensive and I couldn't afford to make s car payment,insurance and pay for repairs. So I defaulted on the loan. So at some point they went to court and got s judgement against me for the remaining amount due on the loan and garnishments started. But that just happened this year. Yes I owe it. But $18,000 in interest? That is ridiculous! So now I can barely make it with what's left. I feel like I have no choice.

  • Nov 24, 2015

Had to come up with 580 dollars to get my truck. Then made my payments on time. Still get harrassing phone calls 8-10x a day answer everyone so I dont get accused of avoiding them. Listen to the same speech. Can you borrow from anyone? Can u sell anything? I see you made a payment and but we need more now or it will be shut off or towed again! The money they are asking for is the towing fee and repoe fee! which is added into my monthly payments. I made a payment arrangement to pay 160$ my following paycheck after I just gave them 390$ on the 25th. I made that arrangement. The following day more threats and same questions Can you borrow. from someone? I said I do not get paid again til 25th (when my payment date is) I get woke up at. 12:45 am to my trucl being towed yet again! Its the 23rd! Not due til 25th!!

  • Oct 29, 2015

I thought this company was ok. This was my first time and last time i will ever deal with this finance company. I asked them for an pay off amount and then i paid the amount in full before the pay off date (CONFIRMED WITH THE COMPANY) and i thought everything was ok intell i recieved a call a month later talking about i owe them 2500. I told them the details and they said they would check into it for me. long story short i called them every 3-5 day for 1 and 1/2 month and it was never resolved. then this last call they told me that i did not pay in full. i explained everything and they said the first payment was before the pay off amount but i asked for a pay off before i made the first payment and it was western union. i really dont get this company trying to mess people over like this. i told him ok if i pay how much is it "2500 he said" cause western union only allow 2500 at the most. he said "you can make that in one payment" i said i need it in writing before i make that last payment and he said ok let me check and he came back and said ok your total is 2503.77 if paid today. I told him this is the kind of trick i told him i didnt want when i firsted talked to him.this company is all a bunch of tricksters. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU DONT LIKE YOUR MONEY.

  • Aug 27, 2015

I purchased a 1995 chevy blazer from a local car lot. I paid 5000 down and still owed 5000 this was in December 2000.

I went through Credit Acceptance Corporation. At the end of June 2001 I called and told them to come and get it. They did. It was on my credit report for the longest time that it was a voluntary repossesion. They picked it up the first week of July 2001. I never heard from them again until this past month. They are now garnishing my wages. I called the attorney that is handling it for them and they insisted they served me with papers in Oct. 2008 and that the balance owed at the time of repossesion was a little over 3000 and now it is over 12000. I never received any paper work to go to court or anything telling me about a court date. It has been 15 years. It isn't even showing on my credit report anymore. Can they do this?

  • Aug 21, 2015

I purchased a vehicle in 2013. In 2014 the motor blew on the car. I was faced with repairing the vehicle and making a payment. I didn't want to make a payment for a vehicle that didn't work. In April I was evicted from my apartment and had my mail placed on hold with the Post Office. When I went to get my mail, I saw that Credita Acceptance took me to court in June for the balance owed on the loan. I never received a court date notice. I called the attorneys who represented CAC and I was told that the process server served me on April 13, 2015. That's a lie becaus eI was on a job interview that Monday. The attorneys argued that I was served or someone else signed for the papers. NO ONE was there. CAC won the judgemnet(because I never knew) against me for $3,132 and wants to garnish my paycheck for 25% of my net every 2 weeks. I'm wondering if I could the judgemnt vacted because of improper service?

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