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Creation Entertainment

Country United States
State California
City Glendale
Address 217 S. Kenwood Street

Creation Entertainment Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2020

Other fans should be warned so they don’t lose their life savings. I was scammed out of $6,600 by David Alpay (he has been in 3 Hallmark Movies and The Vampire Diaries) and Creation Entertainment who runs conventions for people to meet stars of certain shows. They had a live auction at their convention, and they were very deceitful.

Creation Entertainment already admitted that “a friend” of mine had told them that I was willing to pay anything for this auction. A girl (Tierney H.) who had /has a go fund me page, never met David Alpay before this con and had a Creation Entertainment employee with her for the entire weekend ran the bid up thousands and thousands of dollars and then immediately was given a free private meet and greet with David Alpay.

Free meet and greet for her and her daughter. This auction was supposed to be the one and only prize and 2nd place was given an even better prize for free. They claim it wasn’t a second prize. I now believe maybe it wasn’t a second prize but a payoff for her running the bid up for them. They had the motive to do this because someone told them that I would pay anything also because I have spent a lot of money with them previously. They knew this was the perfect time to take advantage of me and get a ton of money. This company and actor are very shady, greedy and unethical.

Pretty obvious what happened. Of course, I didn’t find all of this out until later. Creation did admit that a “friend of mine” told them I was going to pay whatever it took. I had previously spent a lot of money with them, so it was the perfect storm in the making. Of course, companies and actors get away these kind of scams. I admit I was very stupid in falling for this scam. I should have known something wasn’t right with this. If I would have been thinking straight, then maybe I would have realized that no one was going to pay that amount for him especially someone who had never met him before this.

I believe that others should know the shady things that happen so no one else gets taken advantage by someone who uses their power and influence to scam fans. Let people know so they can fully think about things before just jumping in and finding out later that they were taken advantage of.

I regret ever going to a Creation Entertainment Convention, meeting Mr. David Alpay and letting myself become a victim to this scam. I never want anyone else to fall into this trap. Everyone needs to be warned and know to be careful and attention to anything that doesn’t seem right.

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