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Creating IT Futures

Country United States
State Illinois
City Downers Grove
Address 3500 Lacey Rd #100
Phone 1 630-678-8335

Creating IT Futures Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2018

Creating IT Futures and its IT Ready program supposedly exist to train the unemployed for careers in the IT field. In reality, this organization is just another phony "nonprofit" scam that keeps itself employed with state funded grants for each paticipant. What they claim is that their CompTIA A+ program will lead to an entry level internship or apprenticeship lasting six months and paying $15+ per hour. There is no internship, no job, no pay, not even any realistic job search assistance. They do not keep or publish any sort of statistics on their job placement, and not a person I know of has found a stable decent-paying job yet.

There is virtually no hands-on time working with actual computers in a lab. So how can you really be trained to work with computers at all?? You can get the same training for free a lot of places online. Passing the CompTIA A+ exam means very little if you cannot demonstrate some real-world application of the course content. Which moast graduates of this program cannot do.

Worksource Oregon, which is a colossal black hole of useless government spending, simply issues a check to Creating IT Futures for each lost and desperate soul that gets passed along to them. In exchange, they get to keep making a nice living perpetuating the lie that they are putting people back to work. It is all paid for by the incedibly wasteful State of Oregon, so go ahead and waste your time if you have eight weeks to throw away.

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