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Country United States
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Creatige Reviews

  • Jun 17, 2020

She came as a referral from a contact I thought I trusted. They later went on to become business partners. I do not know if they had a referral agreement at the time.

I spent $15,000 with this conscious business consultant promising to help me build a 6 figure business. I have since learned this is kind of predatory marketing and manipulation. She often told me we were friends and how I am so lucky that I have such great skills in both mindset and business strategy and I am lucky to have both.

Often in our sessions she told me a number of times I should be coaching her. It made me uncomfortable and devalued is the large sum of money I paid her.

She freaked out on me once on WhatsApp because I "messaged her too much." To my understanding it was our business chat. I am not responsible for her notifications and phone sounds. I can never imagine telling a client when they can and can't contact me. She didn't need to respond immediately. She told me not to email her because they get lost. So I sent WhatsApp only to be berated. She awkwardly apologized after for her own lack of boundaries.

At one point she told me she wasn't trying to take my money and offered me a full refund. I didn't take it then because I wanted my branding. I just left my 7 year career and hired this business strategist that who also did branding. It took 5 months to get my branding. I was holding on because I knew I already spent the money and it had already taken so long.

She was consistently having issues and projecting personal issues and disorganization on our sessions. I would drive 3 hrs round trip and consistently felt like it was a waste of time.

She often compared me to the lady that referred me it felt inappropriate to bring up someone else who on some level we could have been competitors. I never fully trusted her and later they went on to become business partners.

She made a number of false promises like I could attend events that she hosted for free, which never happened as part of her new conscious influencers program.

I was never happy with the logo or materials. I was afraid to say something because she constantly made comments about how hard her team had to work for me. I came from a Wall Street firm and have high standards. I will never apologize for professionalism.

Finally it got so toxic I asked for things to end and a reasonable refund for the items she never completed. It came out to about $5600. She offered me $795. Needless to say this was an insult and I applied for the full refund, remember the one she offered me months prior.

My American Express platinum could not stand up against her terms and conditions. I had to hire a lawyer to send a demand letter. She never personally contacted me via phone in ANY of this or responded to the demand letter. She hid behind her email and assistant. To date she still hadn't even refunded me the $795 she said she would.

She then turned it all against me and said she'd charge me $32,500 if I went after her because she doesn't sell things a la carte. Yes, this felt like a threat.

The worst part was she didn't tell me her program had online videos until after I signed up and started getting her emails. I was like wait, this ain't what I signed up for. The videos were subpar. I quickly told her I would never sign up for an online program because I do not learn well that way. She said continuously she'd never leave me and that she will teach me everything I need to know. Our contract had 12 x 1/1 sessions which we went over, we had 19. There was never an amended contract that showed she was going to teach me everything that was in her online videos and she then turned that against me.

Do not fall for these predatory sales practices. She emailed me after to tell me I don't believe in myself. She continues to use conscious rhetoric to increase trust. Ultimately I didn't not build my 6 figure business and this $15,000 is completely lost. Also it's not lifetime access to her online program. She revoked my access, used my logo (at last check) on her website portfolio which is a misrepresentation of my brand as I no longer use it as my logo.

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