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Create My Tattoo

Country United States
State Alabama

Create My Tattoo Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2017

I signed up for their affiliate program and made 3 total sales. Each worth $20. In addition to the $25 I was promised for signing up, that adds up to $85 that I'm owed. They claim to pay you for your service every month but the last 2 months have gone by with absolutely nothing to show for it in my bank account nor PayPal. I have emailed them at least 3 times and receieved no indication that I'll be seeing that money. It was funny, however, that when I emailed them letting them know of this problem, I stopped receiving responses. Because they were very cordial before I brought up the issue.

So I emailed them again yesterday after patiently waiting all of last month for my payment and I've heard nothing back. I encourage everyone NOT to use their site and DO NOT TRUST them.

  • Sep 14, 2017

I signed up as an affiliate and earned 105$ in commissions. But I never got my money. I could only get in contact through their Facebook page, because I never got a reply through email. To my question on why I can’t receive money they said that their process payment during the first week of a month and there was some problem with processing money to my PayPal. Well, I waited for three months and never got the money. After all this time, I asked them to process my payment manually if they have problems but was ignored.

I asked them when they will fix a problem, they said that they’re on top of the problem and soon will fix it, they didn’t. To my question why the problem wasn’t fixed, they ignored me. And it continued for over 3 months! So if you consider working with them, I’ll advise you not.

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