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Country United States
State Alabama


  • Oct 3, 2019

This company? Has been charging my credit card $39.90 for several months. I should have been more vigilant and caught it earlier. When i called their phone # there was a recorded message but no opportunity to talk to anyone or leave a message ...Just dead air. They have many identities and are able to morph into different email addresses. Based on the reports of other consumers, this is a wide spread scam operation!!

  • May 2, 2019

Every 2 weeks, withdrawals $39.97 out of my account! i’ve never even heard of this company before! i don’t know how to make these fraudulent transactions stop!

  • Apr 1, 2019

My account was fraudently debited

  • Mar 8, 2019

Who tf even is!? Idk what this company even is! and more importantly, how did they gain access to my child support debit card!! almost $40 was taken out of my account today and if not for the extreme act of kindness from the man in line behind me, i would've been stranded without any means to buy fuel. God bless the stranger who picked up my ticket on the matter. I am livid to say the very least!!

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