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Crazy Gun Dealer

Country United States
State Texas
City Alvarado
Address 5301 US-67
Phone 817-790-0235

Crazy Gun Dealer Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2017

Kenny Frazier’s Crazy Gun Dealer gun shop, located at 5301 E. Highway 67 in Alvarado, TX 76009, is no more than a slick, “bait and switch,” firearms retailer whose slippery advertising and sales tactics harken back to the days of traveling carnival barkers beckoning wayward consumers to pony-up green-backs with hopes of winning a grand prize to knock down milk bottles; all the time the “mark,” is unaware the milk-bottles are glued to the plank on which they stand. It is both ironic and appropriate Kenny Frazier’s web icon is a clown gayfully juggling balls and his retail space is a circus tent.

My son and I were lured-in to Kenny Frazier’s Crazy Gun Dealer gun shop, shuffling through overcrowded lines like cattle and I watched as my son (a young and inexperienced gun buyer) make a selection and wanted to solidify the purchase. After handing one of Kenny Frazier’s employees my son’s bank-card my son decided the gun purchase was not to his liking and informed the clerk he changed his mind and decided not to purchase the gun after being made aware of the abundance of second-class ammunition required to obtain the discounted gun. Before returning my son’s card and without authorization the clerk charged my son’s card a 35.00 dollar fee for a background check. The charge was made without my son‘s knowledge and we were only informed of the charge after the money had be deducted from my son’s bank account. The fee for a background check was never discussed or mentioned until AFTER the card was swiped.

After voicing our complaint of the unauthorized charge, we were dismissed and sent on our way by the Ring Master, Frazier exclaimed, “Hey, we have to make money, too!”

I STRONGLY recommend gun consumer avoid Kenny Frazier’s slick and misleading tactics; there are an abundance of reputable Gun Dealers who offer quality products at reasonable values to gun buyers.

My recommendation is to give a wide berth to Kenny Frazier’s Crazy Gun Dealer gun shop and avoid it with the same distain you would a Carnival Barker.

The following are a few reputable recommendations:

Bud’s Gun Shop

Sportsman Outdoor Superstore

Impact Guns

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