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Crawmer's Critterz Preschool

Country United States
State Oregon
City Bend
Address 2891 NE Conners Ave
Phone (541) 330-1437

Crawmer's Critterz Preschool Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2016

I was hired at Crawmer's Crittez to be a toddler teacher and was shocked at what little educational valve this preschool offered. I was disrespected constantly and was given very little training by a 21 year old parent volunteer that was hired a year prior. I would ask why aren't we having the children participate in circle time and I would get answers like " the calendar is not in the right spot" I would put toddlers on the potty as per their request and I would get told "that kid wears diapers" These children were on the boarder of being toilet trained and I couldn't understand why this teacher would deny them time to get potty trained. The two weeks I was employed I had 2 out of 14 kids toilet trained with very little effort from the other staff. They didn't offer anyoutdoor toys or play structure for the kids to play with while they played outside, due to sharing an outside area with other company's in the same building.

I went to management about all of the issues I was induring and was brushes off and was promised that things would improve. Also, the first day I was employed the facility they had an outbreak of lice, the management did nothing to prevent further outbreak and didn't even bother warning parents of the issue. I had a few meetings with mangment and the trainer but nothing came of it. I then became ill and was released from work for 4 days with a doctors note. When I returned after the illness, I was told that it wasn't working out and I was being let go! This daycare that calls itself a preschool is a crock!! If you valve your child's education, DO NOT SEND YPUR CHILD TO CRAWMER'S! CRAWMER'S IS A CROCK!!

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