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Crawford & Company

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 1001 Summit Boulevard
Phone 1-877-346-0300

Crawford & Company Reviews

  • Apr 24, 2020

Rita Davis is a criminal and a liar. She stole $3116.24 worth of business services by adding fradulent charges to our account. The fee's she charged were not agreed to in our initial meeting. She won't send us a record of the extra charges, and refuses to answer the phone. When we tried to visit her office, they said she no longer works at that branch.

Crawford Insurance seems to be a scam company who's business model is theft, and conspiracy. Rita Davis is a fraud who lies to her policy holders, and is paid by Fortune 500 companies to deny claims, which is a criminal offense. Rita Davis saves millions of dollars for her criminal clients, and destroys small business and individuals. She is a monster.

  • Mar 22, 2017

Crawford and Co. Insurance are the epitome of the financial world criminals. I shipped perfectly package products in their original manufacturers packaging with extra payment for their declared value. which was only my wholesale cost. UPS delivers them in completely destroyed condition and UPS Capital denies all claims. UPS capital denies any responsibility or relation with UPS and would not even give me their address over the phone or in email. Only a PO box is given. Crawford & Co is another latent criminal Financial Institution and needs a federal investigation and seizure of the fraudulent activities. Crawford and Co. may be able to cheat the weak and hopeless, but I am not going to let them and UPS cheat honest business people out of hard earned money(only the wholesale cost of material) when UPS is destroying perfectly well packaged products from major intl. manufacturers and defrauding the general public with the Crawford and Co. Insurance company.

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