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Crawdaddys MKE

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City West Allis
Address 9427 W Greenfield Ave
Phone 4145870868

Crawdaddys MKE Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2018

I'll try to keep this short. In March of 2018, I was contacted to create an updated website for the restaurant, Crawdaddy's MKE which serves cajun food in Milwaukee.

I setup a new website, waited a month for the new menu information and completed the site (May 2018). The owner said he was happy with the work and that I would be paid the balance owed.The owner and the head chef had some kind of messy falling-out and closed the restaurant.

I've contacted Mike Weir multiple times and he says "he knows he owes me". Months have gone by and I told him I'm going overseas and I would like the balance paid before I go. My calls were sent to voicemail. Mailbox was full the first time, 2nd time I left a voicemail, texted and emailed. No response.

It's not necessarily the amount of money, it's not a huge amount but rather the hassle and the disrespect of being ignored after already waiting months. I've also heard that there were other employees who were not paid upon restaurant closure as well but I'll let them provide notice on their own terms.

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