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Cravens Witch Spells

Country United States
State California
Phone 310-919-1037

Cravens Witch Spells Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2018

This old lady is a fraud and will you and anyone out of hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. I paid her between 300-400 dollars to get a love spell. Then after a few days, she said she needed 400 more in order to do a stronger love spell. Then she said she needed 2000 dollars to remove a curse and hex for the love work and I ended up falling for this. She took another 2000 dollars later on to redo the love work but instead made everything worse. She is a fraud that works for an occult, or at least claims to. Do not let this woman and the occult fool you into giving them money. They are frauds and do not care about anyone but themselves and their money. Her website is

  • Feb 5, 2018

BLAIR CRAVEN WILL SCAM YOU OUT OF MONEY AND MAKE SITUATIONS WORSE SO SHE CAN STEAL MORE MONEY FROM PEOPLE. I asked for a love spell on this guy and gave Blair Craven hundreds of dollars. I transferred it to Barbara Lee's account who is her assistant that takes care of the finance. Blair is real, but her magic is very dangerous and harmful! I AM WARNING YOU NOW! DO NOT CONTACT HER, DO NOT ASK HER FOR HELP OR ANY LOVE SPELLS TO BE DONE. DO NOT GIVE HER MONEY. SHE MAKES THINGS WORSE AND THEN ASKS FOR MORE MONEY LATER.

  • Feb 5, 2018

Blair Craven has a history of brainwashing thousands of people for thousands of dollars. Her work and her occult is very real but it is also very negative, harmful and has severe consequences. I've heard stories where she once did a love spell for someone but it backfired which ended up in homicide of the love spell victim. SHE DOES NOT CARE. She will do anything possible to take hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of you, so you can stay and stick by her. Do not fall for her traps. She is an old lady and is just pure evil.

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