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  • Mar 27, 2018

Beware of Alfred R. Kahn, or Al Kahn. He is the founder of 4kids Entertainment, which went from a one billion market cap, to zero, but not before Al Kahn looted tens of millions of dollars from the company, even using proceeds to buy Bernie Madoff's penthouse. In addition, after bankrupting 4kids Entertainment, the company name was changed to 4licensing Corporation, only to wipe out the average shareholder when 4licensing filed for bankruptcy.

Al Kahn played a huge role in investor losses at all turns, including losing tens of millions of dollars of investor funds on auction rate securities with Bruce R. Foster, and then conspiring with Bruce Foster to manipulate the shareholder vote of 4licensing, which allowed Bruce Foster to remain on the board, which further led to Bruce Foster looting the company further before scheming to transfer the assets to Phil Frohlich of Prescott Capital and Wade Massad of Cleveland Capital, as they schemes with Al Kahn, Leslie Rudd, and Ken Feldman of Kenira to bid for the assets after moving the company to Oklahoma to file bankruptcy under the radar.

Al Kahn has a history of dealing life changing losses to investors, including very recent history of fraudulent activity concerning 4licensing and 4Kids Entertainment. Do not fall for his scams. He is 71 years old and still on the prowl for new victims. He attempts to use past licensing deals with Cabbage Patch Dolls and YuGiOh to cover up his history of scamming unsuspecting shareholders.

Thank God his parents are not alive to see how much destruction he heaps, and continues to heap on others. Hopefully he ends up in prison like his pal Madoff. The worst of the worst...someone who takes money from others then wipes them out. Typical Wall Street scum

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