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Cranbury Sales Stables

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Cranbury
Address 43 Brick Yard Rd
Phone 609-448-5225

Cranbury Sales Stables Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2018

I now fully know to never trust kill pens and auction traders, especially ones who are known as liers and cheats as those at Cranbury Sales Stables.

I bought a horse at auction in fall 2016 that appeared quiet, rideable and sound. He was very sick over with thick green mucous that took weeks to clear up.

2-3 weeks later he turned into a nervous, unbroke horse that starting throwing riders and bolting and was dangerous.

His description stated "millions of miles of trails"; In reality I had two trainers helping me work with him that verified that he was unbroke and never started under saddle.

Cranbury bought the horse two days prior to their auction at New Holland Sales auction for several hundred dollars and made up a phony description after drugging the horse, likely with reserpine to make him rideable and quiet for the next several weeks.

They knowingly and willingly lie and deceive people and do care about customers or people.

Please never go there and buy a horse from them either through their auction or their "rescue" operation.

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