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Craig Trantham Farms LLC

Country United States
State Michigan
City Mears
Address 355 N 40th Ave
Phone 231-873-2366

Craig Trantham Farms LLC Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2015

My mother (Marcia) bought a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT through Craig Trantham and a dealership in Scottville Micihgan, but in reality, he got the money for the truck, as did his fiancee at the time (her name is Juanita Jacobson).

The truck belonged to her father who passed away and both of them told us that the truck only had one owner - her father - we took everything at face value cause they lived just a mile from us and you wouldn't think a neighbor would do this to you.

Well, we found out later on the truck had gone through 6 owners and 3 auctions - none of wihich was ever told to us. There also is a mileage discrepency too. This truck has more rust on it than our 1993 ford explorer had on it. The back door opens when it wants to, the transmission as leaked since we had it, the engine burns oil and leaks too.

That's just the beginning, the doors work when they want to (they've been known to lock at times on trying to get in or out. didn't come with a spare tire - told the tires on it were $1000 ( more like $400), it's been repainted and not good, back door glass won't open, has more than expected rust - back door is unsafe.

We've put in over $200 in oil for the engine and transmission, we had to have work done to the engine and transmission the first week - the company WINNS was the warranty holder and we found out later they didn't do certain repairs (often times most not at all).

Craig Trantham told us it was well taken care of, that it all worked - the car stereo sounds weird sometimes (I suspect he put it in and it has a ground issue. I know stereos are no covered or important but seems everything he's done on this went wrong or done improperly.

Craig told my mother and I that someone else put the new engine it - claimed it one top brand but we found out it wasn't even that - and told us "to keep putting oil into it, till the new head gasket seals" this I know is false - that is not true - when you put a new head gasket in - you have to retighten / torque the head bolts - we suspect he put the engine in himself - if that is true - he's not a licensed mechanic. We've had to replace ball joints tie rods, AC has been leaking since we had it. etc.

We simply want it known he's not a reputable individual. Later on I found out most of my neighbors know his is shady and dishonest - even my current Machanic would express the lemon we got - which we have to use cause we have no choice.

Mother had to get insurance through WINNS and put $2000 down only to find out we couldn't even use it

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