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Craig Raymer

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Phone 615-385-1165

Craig Raymer Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2016

Craig Raymer, d/b/a Results funding made assurances he could get a bridge loan, wanted upfront fee. Never sent one loan proposal, never did due diligence on the project. Then when a refund of upfront funds was requested, Craig Raymer refused, did not return the fee.

From the owner who requested a loan.“ Every question you asked was answered truthfully. Any information requested was given. I do not have any knowledge of any difficulty you encountered or of any restructuring without my input. You have made no contact since the first week of June. I consider your statement that you can "not return a dime" as sufficient enough to notify me that you have not intended and do not now intend to honor the contract. I have an absolute right to your work product, if you intend to keep my funds and a line item of funds used with backup. If you choose to not produce either a refund or a detailed, line itemized, disbursement of funds, I am prepared to file with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fraud Protection. You are right, you may not return a dime this year, but they will investigate and you will spend a lot more to defend yourself and open all your books to the State. I don't know how you are used to communicating with your Clients, but threats will be met with promises. I am sure you do not need my money. I have had cancer, left wheelchair bound, and my Husband just had 10 hours of open heart surgery to put plastic in him to keep him alive. That's been my past 6 months. I still have a project to complete that is the economic driver for this Town. I need my funds.’

  • Sep 6, 2017

Craig Raymers response

This client told me that they a lease in place which did not exist and the value of the property was off by millions of dollars . We worked on this loan for months trying to make this deal work with incorrect info and the client is upset so they decided to bash me . Please understand that this claim is not correct .Craig Raymer

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