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Craig Proctor Seminars & Coaching

Country Canada
City Newmarket, Ontario
Address 1111 Stellar Drive, Unit #12
Phone (800) 538-1034

Craig Proctor Seminars & Coaching Reviews

  • Jul 10, 2020

I paid $500 for the 1st 3 days which was Ok, lots of good data, then the Coaching for a year was $8500. I thought I was getting a personal coach to help me get started in RE. There were a lot of webinars, but no personal help. For that price I don't think 30 mins twice a week is nearly enough. It wasn't for me. There was so much info & technical data, that you can't get answered on a webinar.

I went through 3 coaches, one was nasty & the other 2 were too busy to answer enough questions. For $9k you should get hand holding & really get you going & successful.

When I asked for my $ back, they said only a small portion. When the year was over, I asked if they would give me an extra 3 or 4 months b/c of the above info & they never even answered me after several times trying. James McDonald I thought was nice & on my side,but no he's just as bad. They only care about $!!

At each conference they try to upsale you to a $30K program & that's mostly what it's about. There is good data too, but again it's NOT a coaching I would ever recommend someone unless they are already successful, making lots of $ & you just want to make more...

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