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Craig Laughlin

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Hazlet
Address 2814 NJ 35
Phone 732 264 6000

Craig Laughlin Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2020

Craig Laughlin trying to hide the truth

Its been months the new scam from Craig Laughlin that he is trying to put all the positive and credentials on the first page to push this down .

Instead of facing the truth and dealing with it and doing a refund he still continues to be the crooked attorney he is .Craig Laughlin the truth will be known you can try to bury it .It will always surface .

  • Nov 21, 2019

Experience in a arbitration with Craig Laughlin

Craig Laughlin was hired to be a arbitrator in a civil matter .When the arbitration began I sensed a bit of biased condescending remarks to the plainiff .

The plaintiff mind here came in with undisputable proofs in this case .During the course of this arbitration a witness took under oath that was a law officer which was ruled out against by Craig Laughlin the arbitrator that was very prevalent to the case

.Then we have another witness that was very creditable that showed a time line which the defendant was guilty of the charges on what he was being charged with .

Again Craig Laughlin rules this creditable witness out also .

Then the defendant's criminal history was brought up again Craig Laughlin rules that out and objects it has anything to do with the case .Which it shows the character traits of the defendant .Then states the defendant sorry you have to hear this .This showing he know the defendant in a personnel way .

Then there was a part of the case on defamation which again Mr.Laughlin was being paid $350.00 a hour by the plaintiff on the plaintiff's dime .

The defendent posted defamatory remarks of the plaintiff on social media which Craig Laughlin didn't have time to look at because he was in a hurry and this aspect of this case is very black and white legally .Mind it was only 3 pages and it was high lighted and circled for him .

Craig Laughlin then states he will make a decision in a few days .

A few days comes back he finds the defendent not guilty on 11 charges really ?You disqualified a witness who was a law officer and a very creditable witness .2 parties that don't even know each other .

Then for the defamation aspect of it that the defendent/harrassement was charged with that wasn't even addressed in this arbitration because that man who is being paid in full the arbitrator Craig Laughlin should know what falls under defamation and harrassment finds the defendent not guilty.

Saying we showed no proof of defamation however it wasn't even discussed or even given a burden of proof or etc .Mr .Laughlin lies on this court paper commiting perjury on something that wasn't even stated or discussed and is obstruction of justice .

Recentley it has been brought up the Craig Laughlin knew the defendant and his family and did this has a favor for the family .He should be disbarred from doing anything as a attorney or a arbitrator .This is also a conflict of interest

  • Nov 21, 2019

Additional information regarding Craig Laughlin Hazlet New Jersey

Additional information on this poor excuse as a attorney of law .Craig Laughlin should be disbarred .Mr .Laughlin has NO integrity has a person or human being .He is conniving and prejustice to others who are differnt than him .

This website is to alert people on such parties as Craig Laughlin .Do not use this attorney for any service .He is best to be avoided .Mr .Laughlin use fake google reviews to make himself look reptuable which is the oldest trick in the book .

Thanks to rip off report the truth can be put out there for everyone to see and know about .Craig Laughlin the jig is up .

  • Nov 17, 2019

Steer clear from this attorney he is not objective biased incompetent and bad name to the law profession .He is racist .He is a empty suit with a esq .A very crooked invidual to the law .Please avoid this attorney at all cost .

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