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Craig E Eccleston

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 714-900-1446

Craig E Eccleston Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2020

Don't deal with this man! His name is Craig E. Eccleston out of Corona CA.

I sold this man ALOT of motorcycle parts (Value OVER 8K!)

We went through Paypal to transfer money. BUT what he did was sneaky!! He sent the money as "GIFT" with his credit card! This was in the beginning of the year, then in March JUST before the limitations were up to file a claim he filed! NOW this is where he got me! IF someone sends you money through Paypal AS A GIFT theres nothing they can do IF the buyer files a claim THROUGH HIS/ HER credit card company! He came in the back way! I had and still have ALL tracking information SHOWING ALL packaged were delivered to his door! As well as his email stating "I just sent you some money!" He filed 4 claims against me 2 for "non delivery of goods" (even thought tracking info SHOWS ALL items delivered to his door step!) And 2 saying he didn't make the purchases! (Even though I got his email stating I JUST SENT you the money!) I lost all 4 because he went through his credit card company and the credit card company made Paypal put the claims on me making me loose OVER $8000.00 There were 2 other people that he tried this on before me! Luckily, they won their cases!!! Me, I got the shaft! So if you EVER come across this name or hear of him STAY AWAY! SCAMMING! LYING! P.O.S!

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