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Craig Courtney

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 5151 N. Oracle
Phone 520-247-3306

Craig Courtney Reviews

  • Feb 25, 2018

If you are thinking of renting from Craig Courtney at 5151 N. Oracle in Tucson, Arizona, think again! Ask local merchants what their experience is working with Craig Courtney. Do your research. Many businesses have taken him to court because they know their rights.

He hires maintenance workers from Craigslist and when payday rolls around he tells them "I can't pay you today. Next week." He will never pay you. I know many people who have been screwed by him.

He likes to take people to court. He does not pay his employees.

Right now he is running tweakerville in the vacant rooms and also he houses most of the homeless drug addicted squatters in Tucson. They live behind the building. Tucson Police Department is well aware of his situation.

His buildings are not up to code; not even close. If you rent there he makes up laws and rules you have to follow. It is proposterous!

There was once a Chiropractor who rented from him, and because the doctor bolted his x-ray machine to the floor to be stable for patients to lay on top of Craig Courtney said the x-ray machine belong to the building. Once again,...Proposterous!

There was a massage therapist working there a few years ago and it was brought to Craig's attention she was running a brothel business out of the room. Craig Courtney did not make her leave. Her name is on many porn sites, and comes up on backapge of the adult porn industry.

He nickels and dimes people who rent from him. He never pays his maintenance people who work for him. Many people have been scammed by his evil, wicked behavior.

He has been sued and enjoys taking people to court. You could be the next one!

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