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Country United States
State Illinois
City Hoffman Estates
Address 3333 Beverly Road
Website Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2017

After purchasing a top of the line Craftsman Garden tractor with s****.>

No paperwork or owners manual when delivered.

The tractor as delivered had the front tires so bowed in it wouldn't steer. Had to replace front tie rod.

The tractor as delivered wouldn't start. Keyless Smart Switch was bad. After waiting 2 weeks for service guy, he didn't have the part. Had to order. Took another two weeks to receive. Finally got the tractor started.

Now the new Smart Switch won't hold programming. Couldn't use the s****.>

Now the vinyl seat cover on my new tractor with less than 15 hours on it (garage kept-never in the weather) has has completely fallen apart, foam sticking out. Called Sears Customer Service an after being switched around to 5 different Tech Service people I am told...gee this shouldn't happen & Oh by-the-way it's not covered under your extended or manufacturers warranty. This is a COSMETIC item.

After 50 years of buying at Sears I will never buy another Sears /Craftsman product again. They don't care & their products are cheap junk! No wonder they are on the verge of bankruptcy

  • Mar 9, 2017

CRAFTSMAN IS GAINING ON WINNING THE RACE FOR PROVIDING THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Upon going to website, you easily find and click on "customer care" and then you see the 4 categories with images where by one is a PHONE with the words "CONTACT US" in BOLD RED LETTERS but when you click on it YOU DON'T GET A PHONE NUMBER!!! They're LIERS and just provide you a list of questions to choose from that often doesn't even have the question you have and/or then doesn't provide a direct answer to the question. Approx 1 year ago our local Sears closed and I specifically was told by their manager "not to worry sir because craftsman set up a process for its customers that they can contact craftsman's customer service and they will provide the customer with either a mailing envelope or a prepaid shipping label in order to return your craftsman lifetime guaranteed tools." So I just now called craftsman and WAS GIVEN ONE OF THE BIGGEST RUN-AROUNDS by a bunch of BARELY-SPEAKING-ENGLISH service reps who are possibly MORE INCOMPETENT THAN the EBAY SELLERS FROM CHINA. I WAS SENT FROM ONE DEPARTMENT TO ANOTHER FOR LITERALLY OVER 2 HOURS!!! Each service rep either telling me that the previous service rep transferred me to the wrong department and I was given OVER 6 DIFFERENT phone numbers to call that only ended with them saying they don't know what is to be done about my situation and so then transferred me again, or the call ended with them telling me to go to stores near me and replace my tools and so for the countless time again I had to tell them I was calling because we don't have any sears or sears affiliated stores in our area anymore since they closed, and so then again they would ask for my zip code to locate a store but yet Craftsman data base is severely lacking as they don't even have their system updated since they gave me the name of my local sears store that closed over a year ago and the same for the other stores like K-mart that are located near me but also closed over 6 months ago!!! OH AND THIS IS JUST THE SHORT VERSION OF ALL THAT HAPPENED AND WAS SAID! Well finally I demanded to be transferred to a manager who actually worked in a Sears store and not be continuously bounced around which was already past becomming EXTREMELY FUSTRATING. The service rep transferred me after giving the formatted and sincereless reply "sowwy for incoveience and have vewy nice day" but I thought that I was going to get somewhere with the problem I was having but the Sears's store manager told me that although he heard of the mailing option for getting our lifetime tools replaced, he didn't have specific information and then EVEN MORE SUPRISING, HE BLEW ME OFF when I desperately asked him to find that information since I have spent LITERALLY hours of searching and phone calls but getting NOWHERE! He then said like a CARELESS IDIOT that he recommends me driving to his Sears store to replace my tools even after I already made it clear to him that I shouldn't have to nor do I want to drive a little under an hour to the next available store to me just to replace my screw drivers or whatever.... I will have more in gas money than the screw drivers are even worth and so you're telling me that every time I break the NOW-MADE-LESSER QUALITY-CHINA craftsman tool and have to get it replaced I have to drive all this way to replace it? He then didn't show any GENUINE concern and brushed me off with a "well is there anything else I can help you with and if not, have a good evening" BOTTOMLINE, CRAFTSMAN IS NO LONGER A RESPECTABLE/RESPONSIBLE COMPANY AND EVEN SOLD OUT TO HIRING FOREIGN WORKERS !!! YOU SUCK CRAFTSMAN AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING WHEN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY LIKE SO MANY OF THE HEADLINES ARE SAYING HOW IT'S NOT FAR OFF FOR SEARS/CRAFTSMAN!!! Can only hope that President Trump will do something about the consistently-growing deadbeat companies that have been allowed to evolve corrupted business tactics because of the bush, clinton, and obama administrations!

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