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Craftmatic Beds

Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach
Address 3580 Gateway Dr.,
Phone 800 245 0205

Craftmatic Beds Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2017

Craftmatic beds, now in Pompano Beach Florida is shameless and here are the recent and present activities:

Sexual Harrassment of employees, they tolerate gross abuse of even elder employees, in the state of Florida they use a conviceted felon, convicted several times of home invasion with a firearm to deliver these beds in elderly homes, one of the managers (may be a partner) is a convicted felon, convicted of telephone fraud and served a prision term.

Drug use is known and accepted on a regular basis inside the office and with the knowledge of management.

The commissions are changed regularly and you cannot even ask why, they have an attitude of, "if you do not like it, get the f--- out" literally.

Management completely ignores any complaint you may have about the way you are being treated.

The entire work admosphere is depressing and all you are told is how much of a piece of s--- you are (literally)

The beds are Leggett and Platt and if you search, you can buy the same bed a lot cheaper.

This is not a good company to do business with, look for other choices!

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