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Craftive Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2019

We contacted aka Craftive Web Studios back in July. We Hired Craftive because they were willing to take payments as site progressed. As we saw after they do this to everyone. We were not only building a website which I can do myself but a portal for Drs and pharmacys to log in which has to do with doing an online Dr consult and if approved goes to a pharmacy calender.

Our experience was great we were assigned a account rep called Matt Rhames who we became very friendly with and along the way he showed us the site getting done which was magical to our eyes because as dream was coming true for me and my partners.

So we kept making payments at least just two of them along the way he also convinced us but we liked the idea to do a whiteboard cartoon for our website and we loved the idea when he dircted us to Craftive Web Studios Scam Dont Get Scammed Fraud thats the you tube Channel so we agreed and paid him more, let me add this was in August and till date the 2 min not 60 sec white board he convinced us to do wasnt even started its now mid October.

We get a call from a James Rogers Now telling me Matt never did any work and he just quit and left them and the work was bs. Of coure we were upset so he says he will take 1000 off proce if we do a 3 year hosting agreement with him 2 for $1,200. Promise after promise James has made us if this is really his name some indiam guy named James Rogers?

Anyway promise after promise. See website that I could of done, no whiteboard and my back office portal he shows me something that has to do with hospitals, so do a chargeback against him but we spent three months he ghoated us than appears and wanted to hope for the best. We reverse the bank disputes and he promises us it will be all done this Friday.

We dont hear from here other than to say all good 2 am now here in NY send him a message he is going to jail, he goes lol yea right. Stay away from these fruadters they will take your money, befriend you make you believe they can give you your dream etc. Dont look to save look to go to a known company pay more and habve your dream come true.

If you did hire them and reading this take screen shots of whatever they did or say so mayne save some time with your next. They create what you can do for Free by going to Beware these criminal fraudsters and stay far away from Craftive or Creative Web Studios or whatever they call them selves. They actually charges me using two diffrent names.

There merchant account should be shut down and they should be in prison, we are not the first and unless they are stopped we wont be the last. Crative, Craftive Craftibe Web FRAUD THIEVES !!!!!! YOU will go to hell for whatyou are doing to business people. James Rigers wont stop until I see you behind bars.

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