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CRA Wellness Association

Country United States
State Michigan
City Jenison
Address 7919 Park Ridge Dr SW
Phone 616-669-5534

CRA Wellness Association Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2018

Rip off

where do you CRA get off by ripping people off,I am in the process of filing a Dispute claim against you for $ 79,95,I have not agreed to pay you this amt, of money so I'll fight to get it back, Lynette Hendricks

  • Oct 13, 2017

Ordered free sample of CBD Oil from this company CRA Wellness Products for $5.95 shipping and handling. Company billed my bank account for $79.95 for free sample and has charged my account this amount without my authoziation.

  • Sep 12, 2017

I went on to website to see about getting a sample of CBD oil the website said pay shipping and handling for free sample but then as I was checking my bank account I seen where they had charged me 7995 for the bottle that I got which they said was free only pay shipping and handling I called the company and got some guy that couldn't speak English I told him I did not want the product I agreed only to get a sample and pay shipping and handling he said that I agreed to pay 7995 for the bottle I told him that they were deceiving people with a deceptive website saying it's free when it's not they refused to give me a refund without me sending the bottle back and waiting so instead I filed a dispute with my bank and they are going to refund me my money within 5 days this has caused me to miss my phone bill being paid and my insurance being paid because they stole my money but thankfully I have a bank that will work with me and help me get the money back that these people have stolen I hope nobody else will become a victim of these people because there's no telling how many people they have deceived and stole their money without them even knowing that it was gone this is one horrible company

  • May 22, 2017

Saw an ad, several times, listed on my Facebook feed, about No More Pain. I suffer from osteoarthitis in my knees, bone on bone. So probably against my better judgement, how could I go wrong to try this product for only the shipping charge, to see if it would help. So I placed the order for CBD Oil, which when I finished that order, the website immediately jumped to the next item they wanted you to buy, something in pill form. I immediately tried to go back to the previous webpage, but was not directed there as it should have done. If I remember correctly, the webpage returned to the very beginning of the order process.

After thinking about this order over night, I thought maybe I should just cancel my order, and that would be the last of it. I then tried calling the number listed on the advertisement, again on the Facebook feed. I was connected to a lady, who by the way, did not speak very good English. Prime example that this call probably was being handled out of the U.S. This lady who took my call, said they could not cancel my order, that it had already been processed. They also could not refund the shipping charges because that had already gone to the shipping company.

My order was placed on Saturday late afternoon, I placed my call early Sunday morning. Not even 24 hrs. had passed. I asked this lady if by ordering this sample, was I also signed up for automatic processing of another bottle in the next couple of weeks, month, or whatever timespan? She informed me, yes I was. To cancel my account, which I did not sign up for, I needed to call back before May 6, 2017. She could take care of me at that time, and offer me this product at a reduced price. I called back on May 5, 2017. This time was talking to someone named Albert, told him I wanted to cancel my account. In doing so, I asked for a confirmation number of that cancellation. He gave me a number. Now I am wondering if that number really means anything.

I am on a fixed income. Part of my reason for cancelling my order, was because I was sure I would not be able to afford this product, even if it did what they claimed it would do. Which it did nothing. So I am checking my bank account this Sunday morninng, 5/21/2017, and find my account balance is not what it should be. So I log onto my bank website to check this out, and sure enough, this is a RipOff!! $ 79.95 has been deducted from my account, and it is going to threaten my rent check not clearing, my car payment not clearing, and nothing left over as there should have been to pay other accounts I am responsible for. I will never purchase anything over the internet again. Now do I need to worry about Identity Thieft?

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