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Cps barstow

Country United States
State California
City Barstow
Address 1300 Mountain View
Phone 760-957-1540

Cps barstow Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2015

November 20th 2012 a social worker by the name of Carla came to my door saying that my youngest son told his teacher that his dad had beat him we had told her at lunch we seen him playing because we live right across the street from the school and he was just fine and no he was not beaten so she asked if she can speak with all my children she spoke with my oldest son first he said when he got spanked it was he was playing with the chain when she look at the dog chain hanging there she asked him if it was with this he said no he went to the room and got our lanyards for our keys instead with this then she asked what does he spank you with the part with the keys he said no that's the part that's soft after that she set up what they call a team decision-making meeting that was held on December 5th at that time they made me give them the number to my youngest son's dad my youngest son has never met his dad before all this had happened he never wanted to be a part of my sons life at the team decision-making meeting they requested that my two boys band every other weekend with their dad I asked them about how do I tell my youngest son that that is his dad that the man he grew to know as his real dad was only his stepfather they said the best way is just to tell him after that my son went to start seeing him and he would throw a fit asking me why does he have to go with him I told him well its because Carla said that we have to let you go after that his real dad started taking him to places like San Diego in trip that we couldn't afford at the time to take him so he started saying I want to go live with my dad trying to hit his brother and sisters started kicking my husband in the face using foul language I told the social workers about what was going on they ignored it I took him to see doctor at Loma Linda hospital to see if he had any mental issues and they recommended me to call the local police when he had these outbursts of kicking and fighting and trying to hit his brother and sister I did the police officer told me well who's the parents so I hung up I even called the social worker while he was throwing a fit calling me a stupid B word The F Word and every other word he can think of we enrolled in all the classes at the CPS workers told us to enroll in with his parenting anger management and counseling later on in April my husband wakes the kids up throughout the night to go to the bathroom so they don't pee in their bed while he tossed my son up on the top bunk when he did that my son hit the bar which made his nose bleed he popped up and smacked the back of his head on the air conditioner which gave him a bump on the back of his head when I got home in the morning around 630 I asked what happened me and my husband had an argument and I sent my kids to school me being afraid I told them to go ahead and let the social worker know when they got to school I did not want to lose my kids so I did everything they asked and I told them that I probably shouldn't have because after that they told me I needed to file a restraining order I needed to do all this stuff against my husband so I did whatever they ask me to do I did it I told them tell me what I need to do so I can keep my kids I talked with the officer and he stated that he was not going to rest my husband because he talks to all three children separately and it didn't come out that he was forcefully pushed in to the bunk bed that it was an honest mistake my youngest son kept having these outburst because he didn't get what he wanted he told me that the social worker said he didn't have to live here that he could live at his dads house and they could buy me whatever I want so he kept doing the same thing over and over without birth if he didn't get what he wanted after we were done at the police station we went home my husband had already left to his moms house in upland and said that he would stay away a social worker came to my house about 10 o'clock knocking on the door rushing into my house to see if he was there I told him no one is here but me and my daughter my kids are at school he said we don't believe you and we want the boys to go with their dad we don't want you to have your kids after that I started hearing that no matter what I did they were going to take my kids so instead of staying in Barstow I told her whatever she wanted to hear about incident that happened with me in my husband in our past after that she recommended that I go to it domestic violence women shelter because she felt I was a woman that was being abused they had one more decision-making meeting and decided that I needed to give up my rights to my boys because it was the best thing for now and if I didn't they were going to take my kids all three of them to foster home I didn't want that to happen because I have foster brothers and sisters that told me stories of homes that they went to that were not good so I put myself in a woman shelter I gave my right to their dads I finished my classes in the woman shelter in the day I finished my last class I called Carla and asked her what is my real unification plan to get my boy back she stated as far as we are concerned we do not want you to ever have your boys back at that time she closed my case as far as my husband they never investigated they never listen to what was really going on she did not care what the officer said about the incident with my son and the bunk bed as soon as he moved and he contacted her and trying to still finish his parenting has anger management and what other requirements she had for him she kept ignoring his call telling him that it got sent back you paperwork wasn't filled out right and by the time she got to it she had closed the case I feel if I wasn't scared to stand up to them and had more courage that this would have never happened I wouldn't have to struggle to try to see my boys and their dads constantly putting me down I honestly see where the real abuse come from it was from the social workers in mentally abusing me putting me down and their dads putting me down telling me I wasn't a good enough mother when all I did was work hard for my kids to look nice at school and for them to have a normal childhood not one where we didn't have any money and we couldn't do things but to give them the little things in life and show them the value of a dollar I gave them so they could earn their own money I closed them for 6 years on my own with no help from their dads all I had was excuses from them and why they could pick them up and why he didn't want to be part of my youngest son's life how I ruined his life because I had this child and how he just wanted to sign over his rights but when he learned that he can take my son from me and get child support me pay him money he took it I feel that the social worker is in Barstow aren't doing their job in investigating I know for a fact my youngest son is not in a good place I know that he's on medication and I know that his real dad mentally abuses him but they never did anything about it

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