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CPR Cleaning Products

Country United States
State California
City Burbank
Address 2522 N. Ontario St.
Phone 800-551-5569

CPR Cleaning Products Reviews

  • Aug 16, 2016

I was sent in to Sam's club to put up their shipment of Leather CPR and Carpet CPR. To hook up a flat screen TV and progam it to play the disk for the informercial. The bulit-in dvd player did not work so they call the store and wired the money for the purchase of a dvd player. I connected it to the TV and started to play the video. After everything was setup and displayed properly I had management sign off on my paperwork and I left.

I came in to the store every other day to restock and take photos and to turn on the dvd player in the mornings. At the end of the alloted time I went back in and toredown thedisplay packed everything backup into the crate and had it pulled it back to the stockroom and had it ready to be picked up the next morning. I turned in my paperwork. After the 30 days from the date. I did not receive my pay. So I called Chelsey, she told me that it would be mailed out in a few days but it never was.

The company should be shut down if it tis going to do their contractor that way. I don't work for free for anybody. So I chalk this up to a lesson well learned.

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