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Corpus Ritual

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn

Corpus Ritual Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2019

We had a rough session after years of working together, which was triggered by her invalidating an emotion during a difficult time, and then she threw me away like trash, saying since she's the only support I have at the moment she can't work with me. She doesn't attend therapy, is stoic always, and has a huge blind spot.

She refused to take responsibility for being invalidating in her words and invalidating my emotions when I had a bad day, which is so hypocritical because she talks about having bad days, but she can't handle them via video chat with a client. I recorded the session (she lets me record ours, so I remember what comes up during one), and when I wanted a reality check of what happened I replayed it, and I couldn't live up to her expectations of someone who doesn't have anger.

She said all emotions are welcome, but they weren't, at all. And she doesn't see a therapist or have a supervisor, so her blind spot is large. It's easy to be the one who's always right when you choose to not have supervision. I'm aware of mine, but she would not accept any responsibility in the harm she caused. I wasn't allowed to express anger, which makes any emotion much bigger, and she's someone who tells people that they're not too much, but in the end, that's a lie.

She threw me away like garbage, acknowledging that at this point in time due to mass abandonment in my life and being in a city without trauma therapists, she was my only support (which was once a month for breathwork), so of course she threw me away like radioactive garbage, to leave me with no supports. I wish I had never met her; I'm drawn to people with trauma who don't see their blind spots and throw people away.

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