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Continental Who's Who

Country United States
State New York
City Valley Stream
Address 33 West Hawthorne Ave
Phone 516-825-5634

Continental Who's Who Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2018

Hi everyone!

BEWARE of the phone call you may receive from your caller-id identified as CWW. Short for Continental Who's Who.

On their website they quote the following which is totally UNTRUE! "Thank you for expressing interest. We will review your information and contact you soon. There is no charge or obligation for qualified individuals to be listed in the registry, subject to space and availability."

They give you a song and dance about how great you are and wish to include you into their exclusive hand picked group that only few and far between can be eligible for and then take your money and mail you an OFFICIAL Plaque to make you feel really important and it is nothing but a SCAM! Then all the agencies that they contact for you ALL WANT MONEY!

I as a Music Law Paralegal 23 years have the following to say about agents or agencies making false promises that they cannot keep or generate any money for you.

1. NEVER pay for your services that you do to be reviewed, contracted unless they provide POSITIVE PROOF from reliable references you KNOW are in the business and you can VERIFY their earnings through tax forms, receipts etc.

2. NEVER let anyone tell you how great you are when they have NOT even HEARD YOU!

3. ANY RELIABLE AGENT or AGENCY will only charge you residuals based upon the quality and merits of your work, usually around %20-%40 max.

4. CHECK THEIR BBB Rating and RIPOFF.COM to see if they have any complaints filed against them and include their email, phone, name, address, city and state.

Last but least there is no such thing as "Getting Rich QUICK" in this business so use your head and BEWARE of CONTINENTAL WHO'S WHO! DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!


Musician and paralegal that wants to help others from being SCAMMED!

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