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Continental Readers Group

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 800-918-6773

Continental Readers Group Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2018

I received a magazine in the mail today called Motor Trend, and I never ordered this magazine, so I looked in the front of it to find a phone number I could call. I got a hold of a man and I asked him where this magazine was coming from and that I had never ordered it and certainly hoped i was not being billed for it. He said he would cancel it. I asked him where it was coming from and he said a company named Subco phone #1-800-258-3350 so I called them and asked them the same question she told me it was coming from a company called Continental Readers Group phone # 1-800-918-6773,

I called it and got a recording saying they were not open now and to call back during normal business hours and the call was ended. I don't even know what the regular business hours are. So I googled them and it said there was no such company or something simiilar. I am very concerned that someone has gotten a credit card number of mine or some how gotten my name and address to send this magazine to me. I don't want it and I know it was canceled from the first call I made but someone needs to look into this. Magazine publlishers just don't randomly send out magazines without payment and the subscription expired in July 2020.

Can you please look into this and get back to me ASAP and I am very concerned.

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