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Continental Freight Forwarders, LLC.

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Columbia
Address 5515 Shakespweare Rd STE 316
Phone (803) 661-1778

Continental Freight Forwarders, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2018

I sent a huge box of items to the Philippines inwhich I spent approx. 1,000 on the contents. I was promised that it would arrive within 2 months. It's been 4 months and still no delivery. I've been calling the number that they provided for the last 2 months but the call rolls directly over to voicemail and I NEVER get a call back. AFte rtalking to co-workers and reading their Facebook page, I learned that they have a long history of NOT delivering goods or delivering them 6 months after they have been shipped. After 30 years of Active service in the Navy, I am apualed to be treated this way. I was sending these items to kids whom I have become friends with their parents. They have nothing and I wanted to show them a little happiness. They are anxiously awaiting their gifts but I don't think that they will be delivered. I need some help from your service, please.

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