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Continental Finance

Country United States
State Delaware
City Newark
Address P.O. Box 8099
Phone 1-866-449-4514

Continental Finance Reviews

  • May 24, 2020

My name is Deborah N. I have had a Surge Bank Card from Continental Finance. I have had this card since 2016 and have been making regular payments (automatically via bank draft) for over 40 months. I have not ever paid down the principle of 500 and now my card is at 700 est. Is there any legal remedy in dealing with this? I never needed the card over my credit situation ...I just thought I'd use this card for emergency. As well, I never went over my principle and yet Continental Finance / Surge services seem to have added so many fees while I have been paying 35 for the past four years. Dumb move on my part, sure....but I just didn't pay attention to the card and never used it since 2016. I really need assistance to say the least.

Ty if anyone can advise, Deborah N my phone number in case you need to contact directly.

  • May 3, 2017

I applied for the Matrix Master Card, was approved with a $500.00 limit.

Tried to call the number on the back of the card, said number was not in service.

WEnt on Web, redirected to continental finance. Disputed transactions,

By far the worst credit card I have ever used!!

I cancelled the card yesterday! I have credit protection and am going to use it. THey think they can redirect you to other sites and use card on their own!


  • Mar 17, 2016

You are only looking at this card to improve your credit, and you want to be credit worthy. The opening limit is $500. Not alot but enough. When you get the card, they then bill you $125 in "Fees" for processing. Consider that bribe money. Then there's the $75 dollar application charge. So you'll have about half of the promised limit to start with. I ran into issues, so I was prepared for that kind of thing. I expected usury rates and charges for nothing, but what I did not expect was out and out fraud. This company DOES NOT WANT you to improve your credit, and they will actively prevent you from doing so. I got this card, and charged $30. I paid half, not because I didn't have the money, but because having a 0 balance does not improve your credit rating. Well I signed up for automatic payment and figured I was all set, but here is where the scam starts. Even though you enter in your banks routing number and account information, Verve will say that your account cannot be found. They charge you 27 dollars for a returned check fee! Wait a second, my bank account is real. You call, they say they can't figure out what the problem is and blame your bank. They may waive the fee this one time. You make your payment, and figure everything is ok. You keep an eye on this account and BOOM next month, SAME SCAM. They submitted your payment to your bank, but they say your bank rejected it. NOT TRUE. That's when the fees start piling on. Every month for 10 months I went through this song and dance. Resubmitted my bank information, payment would go through, next month the payment would be rejected and my bank never received a payment request. In December they "changed" their policies and every customer has to go in and setup a NEW automatic payment cycle. If you didn't know this or didn't get the letter, BOOM, another fee. This credit card is not worth the trouble they are going to put you through. You have to constantly watch your account and catch their erros. There are other accounts that don't purposefully try to damage your credit, this company is not one of those guys.

  • Sep 26, 2015

They wanted $35 1st payment right away, to which i did. plus they took $125 off the top for their "fees"... so finally i use a little, then posted payments always early or on time. Had them about 6 months and noticed some awkwards charges going on. After further investigating... they claimed 3 of my online payments were declined by my bank! That is BS. I have plenty of money in my checking and even in my savings !!! I found out that when they went to do some "maintainence" on their website, something happened so when i would post a payment with my checking account, all i had to do was enter the amount to pay and the date i wanted it processed. It only showed me the name of my bank and the last 4 digits of our checking account number. So i call Verve up and they say that it must be MY FAULT, that i'm entering incorrect routing and/or checking account information when i post payments that way. I told them that's incorrect as there is NO option for me to enter that information. Once i originally set it up through their website, i never would have to reenter any of my bank account info again. So 2 months ago, i paid $482 to pay them off and rip up their card (i have good credit now and don't need them anyways)... they turned around and charged me a FEE saying it never went through my bank and so then i owed $533. I submitted PROOF to the Dispute department weeks ago and they still have not done a thing but charge me more fees and now a late fee when they owe me money! I just called them, she waived 1 of their charges and said that's all they can do despite my proof. So i just paid that off and will be calling tomorrow to close that account and shred up the card! DON't bother with this outfit, they are croaks. READ OTHER POSTS about same thing! It ought to be against the law to do this to people....

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