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Continental Communities, LLC.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Oak Brook
Address 2015 Spring Rd # 600
Phone 630-645-8100

Continental Communities, LLC. Reviews

  • May 13, 2018

I live in Western Reserve Mobile home Park in Akron, Ohio. I've lived here for some time and due to being on Social Security it’s very hard to move out of this place due to my limited funds. I have several complaints 1st is the rent keeps going up every year 2nd the water lines are in terrible condition to all of the homes in the park. They only patch the leaks instead of replacing and when the water is turned back on after patching we get a large amount of rust and debris that clogs the screens up in every Fawcett. This also over time destroys the hot water tank plugs up the toilet tank valve and they have to be replaced at the home owner’s expense. And every year we have issues with the loss of water either it’s a breaker tripping , pump failure and the worst of all the leaks that are patched and the rusty crap that we get after the water is turned back on. The Park Manager Deb Swaldo can't tell the truth most of the time as I have experienced with her on other problems that I've had to deal with her. I will not drink or cook with the water that is supplied as I must buy water to drink and cook with because of the crap that’s in these water lines. The park needs to replace the old water lines instead of putting a Band-Aid patch on.

I strongly suggest if you want to live here ask several people about the issues I have outlined before buying and living here. And if you drive around you will see a lot of mobile homes up for sale WHY?

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