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report scam

Continental Academy

Country United States
State Florida
City Miramar
Address 3241 Executive Way,
Phone 800-285-3514

Continental Academy Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2017

I use a mony order to pay this Institute over $400 dollars. I can't use this diploma to futher my education. The universities or State Colleges will not accept this diploma. What a waste of time and money. This institution should be sued and shutdown for causing a lot of people educational frustrations.

  • Jan 18, 2016

I'm writing this report because I feel that continental academy has took my money and lied to me on there school is credit. I payed off my tuition and I can't use my diploma no where because the colleges are saying that the diploma is fake. The colleges want at least 2007 and mine is 2003. So I called continental and let them know what was going on they said there is nothing that they can do is send the school I want to go to my transcript but they sent me some papers that I have no clue why. I just want my money back or pay another school of my choice to go to. I'm suffering on getting into school there are things I want to do but can't because of this .

  • Dec 31, 2015

I received my high school diploma from Continental Academy in 2002. It has proved to be completely worthless. No college will accept it. I want to go back to college but now have to get another diploma. I paid for a very worthless, expensive piece of paper.

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