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Conseco Life Insurance Co

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 540 N College Ave
Phone 800-783-7720

Conseco Life Insurance Co Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2017

Conseco life took my money 1 year i call them to send papers.wilco insurance

they toll me send money i did .I call they said no more insurance. You need to pay more

  • Sep 4, 2017

This company has given me multiple different names by which they go by. Each time I call, a different customer rep gives me a different name; wilco life, washington national, life insurance co, conseco, etc. The first time I called following my grandmothers death, the representative informed me she would send me the claim forms to file a claim. Three months later and eight phone calls later, I still havent received one piece of mail, even after numerous requests. Actually, they are now telling me, they have no access to the account or its status because it has been "lapsed" since 2015. They then advised me that they can only give information to the owner of the account (which is my grandmother, the deceased). I am the beneficiary, but they still refuse to speak with me. I find this to be odd being that I have the policy information with the benefit amount to be paid out upon my grandmothers death. They wont allow me to escalate the call to a supervisor, they were cold and ruthless and offered no type of sympathy or condolences for my loss. They have not tried one step to try and help me understand where they are pulling their information from. My grandmother kept all of her finances well documented, managed and up to date, and kept me informed of her business dealings. There is no reason why every other insurance company was successfully cashed out with ease, but this company is the only one with shady, cold and scheming business, denyng a policy where benefits are due to this family.

  • Nov 14, 2016

Conseco life sent me a letter saying i need to pay 366.00 by jan.7 2017 or my insurance will be cancelled. My husband have always had direct pymt from our chking acct. Now they say we are in a grace period and will lapse out if we don't pay this and our premiums are going to double the amount in jan.2017 .We have had this life ins. for over 30 yrs. !!! This doesn't seem right!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 29, 2016

This company will rip you off for 20 years. Take your money and when your older keep raising your premium until you can not afford it. Then will not respond to your requests for information. RIP OFFS. Beward of Conseco Life.

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