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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jan 30, 2020

I thought I was the only one. He replied to my bid on Freelancer and I was so happy because I thought I would be getting some real job done. How wrong I was. He was always edgy, asking me to proceed without breathing space. I even signed an agreement to be paid weekly.

The first week, he took my details and sent me a receipt saying he had paid. I called my bank to confirm after the time limit he gave me was exceeded and they told me that they aren't expecting any money. I fell sick but I kept writing. Even when I couldn't deliver, he begged me to because he was on a deadline. I eventually wrote 20 articles for him and he didn't pay me anything.

I was hoping I could gain reviews and use the money for school. 200 USD was our agreement. Now I'm left with absolutely nothing and he has blocked me. Please if you eventually catch him, let him pay! This is just unfair!

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