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Country Dominica
City Roseau Valley
Address 8 Copthall
Phone 1-800-471-6025
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  • May 26, 2020

Dont be a victim

Do not even think of investing your hard earned money with CRYPONXT & HQ Brokers. They have no empathy whilst perpetuating their evil acts and they will do all in their wherewithal to milk you asking for payment after payment to process your withdrawal requests and each time you make payment they come up with another reason to ask for more payment. Timothy Miller is a fraud and a dubious soul. I have a cumulative sum of one hundred and six thousand Euro equivalent to eight million Croatian kuna lost to these dingbats. I later found out from the international recovery firm that helped repatriate my lost capital and a significant portion of my ROI(contact recoverywealthnow360 at g mail d o t c o m ) that I was only shown simulated trades. Timothy Miller played me smooth and I feel really retarded for falling prey to these dubious elements. The FBI should be on them by now as I know for a fact that they have swindled hundreds of naive victims. Your end is near. Do well and refund all the monies you stolen from people who haven’t been able to repatriate their funds from you dishonest souls. I bet these evil perpetrators are somewhere popping bottles champagne with their illicitly gotten wealth right now. Stay circumspect and do not suffer in silence.

  • Apr 5, 2020

I invested with the wrong broker

Hi, heard about The Recovery Firm, they specializes in assets and funds recovery. Came across them when my company has issues with our binary options and we almost lost millions in dollars to fake brokers. The Recovery Firm uses distinctive strategies to help recover funds with no legal issues, this has been experienced bcos as the Financial Manager of my company, I had to work closely with The Recovery Firm. They also provide services that involves forex and crypto trading, dating scams also investment management and guides.

100% professionalism is their virtue. Contact fightingscams at AOL dot com .

  • Jan 14, 2020

I think everyone needs to be very cautious of where & how you invest. It’s really hard telling the authenticity of this online platforms only if you’ve had a bad experience with them after trading or doing any form of business with them. You can visit : hacknet At) cyberservices( dt /cm) in case you have lost some amount to get it retrieved.

  • Jul 25, 2019

It all began with a phone call stating that they can turn €250.00 into thousands within a certain period of time. I believed every word and decided to give it a try since It was all about trading and till now Thousands of Euros has been taken from me with nothing to show for it, under false pretense by Daniel Grant and his cohorts scamming from Cryptonxt cryptocurrency platform formerly known as Coinbul.

I have been going back and forth with them but they wouldn't give back my money. They tried to pull a fast one and put a bag over my eyes claiming that my investments had been lost on bad trades but before this I was told that before I could liquidate my account which is now over €650,000.00 they say I have to pay some Chinese taxes to get my money out.

This sounded so wrong that I knew I had fallen for a scam. Lucky for me and unluckily for them, earlier in the week i saw an interview on TV about how a man had been scammed 4 times by binary options and was only happy to share his story cause He'd got it back through a wealth recovery group SWIFTRECOUP. COM...So i looked them up and report

  • May 22, 2020


Client de una puta estafa com els que tracten amb els inversors.

Puta estafa estafadores estafadores estafa.....

  • Jul 20, 2019

Coinbull Ross Malone contacted me about bitcoins investmet. Sent them 300$ then got 400$ back in btc. Convinced me to invest more transferred them 1500$ in btc and did some reading wit the money sent me some forms to sign and then asked for another 5000$ to match my investment and said that trade was successful even BTC went down.

Then I realized that it was a scam Asked to take funds out and was told that I signed 6 month contract. Called wed months later and buisness was closed. Please help to resolve this case and return the funds. Thank you ... your description ...

  • Mar 24, 2018

Do not do business with this company. They are scammers. They are happy to take your initial deposit, saying they will double it, then they have you go through a long account verification process making you feel like the company is legit. Then they assign a "broker” to your account. He sets up numerous long phone calls asking about your personal life, your current work, your finicancial burdens and expectations from the trade. Then he either gets another broker on the phone or he goes in to a long rehearsed convo about how Bitcoin is blowing up and you want to get in the wave. And if you want serious returns and you don’t want to play around, you need to deposit with him whatever the maximum amount of money you have sight unseen. At this point, I walked away. Something is rotten in Denmark and it’s these guys. They are not straightforward or transparent and they will happily take your money and that’s that. Very little you can do.

  • Mar 8, 2018

This company called me and show me how to make more money with trading with there company.

They are sneeky and pushy talk me into deposit $5300 and letting me know that I can withdraw the money at any time but is not true.

I just complain with my credit card and will take time to try to recoup the money.

Three account types are shown, but they fail to mention the required deposit for the account type. We noticed that they are offering a bonus of 20%, but when you read their terms and conditions page you will see “you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 40 times for every $1 bonus”.

this company called CoinBull there Regulations When the Scam Broker Investigator researches a new Forex / Crypto broker to determine if they are a scam or legitimate broker, we check for one thing, and that is a brokers license. Legitimate brokers will be licensed in the United Kingdom by the FCA or in Australia by ASIC. CoinBull is not a licensed broker.

CoinBull is a new unlicensed Crypto Forex broker that opened in July 2017.

Forex Investing Scams

The scams that occur when investing with Forex brokers can be is very difficult to detect, but they happen on a daily basis.

Usually, the victims of a Forex scam are new investors, who have never traded before in CFD’s and the Forex markets.

Do not trust this company.

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