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Country United States
State Nevada
City Reno
Address 2155 Dickerson Rd
Phone 775-360-5361

CoAuto Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2020

I first visited CO Auto for a vehicle inspection last year when I purchase my care. I spent over $1000 in repairs and maintenance. This year, I had to return to Co Auto due to my crank shaft sensor mysteriously breaking off where the wire connects to the sensor. Co Auto provided a 3 year warranty on my part and I also paid nearly $350 for it, so I took it in.

My vehicle was inspected that late afternoon and I receive photos of my wire and the top of my hood. They stated they believed it was caused by rodent damage. I let them know that was not possible and there were never any signs of mice or rodents in my car. I asked to have a mouse pest control worker to take a look at the car for a professional opinion. They agreed to this and also allowed for a 2nd opinion. I was quite upset about this situation and felt they were treating it unfair especially since there was no true evidence of mice.

Day 1, the first photo I received of my wire displayed a broken off wire by Groffery. Day 2, after I threatened the company with having my car further inspected by someone else. I received more photos of my car and wire later that day from a different mechanic, Anthony (very rude and argumentative) who inspected my car again without my permission. This time I got photos of a wire that had marks all in it, when there were no marks in the previous wire photos. Needless to say the workers (Matt and Anthony) I spoke with were rude, unprofessional, and showed obvious detest towards me.

When I also showed the photos to an exterminator, he was appalled that this was happening to me. I showed the photos to the mechanics at the other shop as well and they could see that the 2nd set of photos sent to me were not the same as the first set of photos sent a day prior and were not the same as the wire broken off in my car. I have photos, the original wire, and a statement from my 2nd opinion. CoAuto also records their calls.

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