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Clubs Car Rental

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 3396 NW S River Dr B
Phone 1 305-632-2782

Clubs Car Rental Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2021

This experience is with Clubs Car Rental at 3101 McCoy Road in Orlando Florida. The car was reserved well in advance on 1/21/2021 through Economy Bookings, booking â„– B41089879 for a total price of $124.75. The Rental Agreement is CLUBS-10048917. The dates the intermediate car was rented for are pick up on Friday March 19th and drop off on Friday March 26th.

When we arrived to pick up the car late on Friday the 19th, during a busy spring break in Orlando Florida, they required an additional payment of $489.86 for Personal Injury Protection and Collision Damage Waiver which I already had from American Family, a very reputable company, but they would not accept this insurance. To be fair, it was stated in the fine print of a document they sent us in advance that they only recognized insurance from GEICO, Liberty Mutual, All States, Infinity and State Farm. There were other stipulations such as dollar coverage limits, proof of insurance and a declaration page, which we had for our American Family policy.

We did a quick google search which showed there were no other rental agencies with a car available to rent that wasn't rediculously priced, so we were forced to pay the money if we were going to have a car for the week. I have requested a copy of the proof of insurance and declaration page for the additional insurance we were forced to purchase. We have not received it from Clubs Car Rental. I believe that the insurance may never have been purchased from the money we were required to pay.

Additionally, they stated that the car had an electronic box mounted to the windshield that would pick up the toll booth and we needed to pay $104.65 in order to avoid paying $29.99 admin fee plus the toll cost every time we passed by a toll booth. I said that we would just pay money in the cash booth when we passed thru the toll booth and they said that the car would pick up the signal and we would still be charged the admin fee and toll cost anyway, so believing we had little choice, we paid the money.

These aforementioned costs are in addition to the $124.75 cost for which we rented the car on-line that we believed was going to be the final cost for the rental. They also put an additional $300.00 hold on our credit card in case we lost the car keys or returned the car excessively dirty. This did get released back to us after we returned the car very clean with the keys.

The car did have some mechanical problems with the TPMS and some body damage to the front end that should have been fixed before we rented it but it was adequate for our needs.

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