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Click SEO Marketing

Country Canada
City Woodbridge, Ontario
Address 6175 Hwy 7 Unit 17
Phone 877-972-5425

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  • May 19, 2017

Slow but satisfactory outcomes

I deal with this company and my experience with these guys was reasonably well. I gave them the assignment of improving the ranking of two of my websites. Results were not immediate and I had to be patient for the results to appear. In the beginning, they promised top search engine rankings within three months, but this never happened. It took them 6 months to deliver on their promises. I stick with them as I am quite flexible and paying them was not a big issue but I totally get the point and feel for those who do not have the means to keep making payments. Because one does feel the pain when someone does not stick to their promises. I would rate my experience with these guys 2 out of 5.

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  • Dec 22, 2016

Franco Ieraci and his Company Click SEO Marketing Inc. scammed me as well! Everything sounded great in the begining, before he took my money back in May 2016, but then all the sudden once he was paid, i maybe herad from him the 2nd day....but then the third day i call him he doesnt answer my calls. I waited 2 more days, after several calls and emails i started to get worried. Now it has been 2 months since he has retunred my calls, yet i can see he is posting new things on the internet every day about his company and himself, so the guy is obviously still alive.....He just stole my money and doesnt intent to respond to me. It has now been months trying to get a hold of this theif.

So basically he stole $1500 from me. Its probably not worth it to file a lawsuit against him because God only knows where this scum bag may be found. He is probably just another foregn scammer.

If anyone else has any information that can help please share! I am just trying to make ends meet to feed my wife and daughter so this really hurts me to lose $1500 like this!

At the very least I hope this post helps make awareness to other peaople that might be thinking about doing business with Franco Ieraci and his scam compnay Click SEO Marketing Inc

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