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Cleary Building Corp.

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Verona
Address 190 Paoli Street
Phone 800-373-5550

Cleary Building Corp. Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2019

Warring buyer beware if you are considering buying a Cleary building in the Butler Pa. Area I order a small building that was 37 X 27 and it was scheduled for a 3 day build and material was delivered on April 18 to the wrong building sight and then several hours reloaded on the same truck and then delivered the correct sight.

The material sat on the ground for several weeks blocking access Then Cleary sent an inexperienced crew with no supervision most of the time that did major damage to the building All 6 main support post on the east wall were cut off to short and the trusses are damaged Posts on north wall are in the wrong spot The wrong nails were used to attach the wall girt’s.

I had questioned the nails when I seen them I was told they were ok I had to contact main office many time to get it corrected sending them pictures and their own prints requiring the nails to be treaded and rated for treated lumber not smooth nails that pulled out when I pushed on the boards they did add the correct nails after multiple email.

The purlins were not nailed properly spliced where no splice was permitted I have many pictures Sheet metal cut wrong and installed incorrect roof multiple leaks used caulking which is not permitted Trash thrown every ware Dents and scratches throughout the building To get anything fixed on this building I have been met with high resistance Branch manger inappropriate conduct in front of other Cleary employees.

My neighbors and grand children have a written agreement that he was never contact me or come on the property again that he violated both After several month of doing patch jobs on the building Cleary sent in a crew from Indiana witch had to totally remove the roof the east wall and the south wall to rebuild them but did not replace the cut off post or damage trusses or the metal on the east wall that has multiple scratches form being installed 3 time Again Cleary sent the replacement material to the wrong building sight.

On august 23 2019 Cleary sent me a email that they were going to file a lien against my property when they were aware the building had problem and the building was not complete this is when I had to get a attorney involved Late August or early September I contacted NFBA and then Cleary came to do a another patch job on the trusses.

3 men show up with 1 2x4x8 and 1 bolt and 2 L brackets to reinforce the roof from uplift do to main post being cut off to short I had to wait there for well over a hour wile two men went to get more bolts L brackets and 1”screws Final inspection and walk around was never completed by Cleary because it would not pass their own requirements.

On September 23rd Cleary made more repair to the roof area where rain and lights and bugs entering the building, Cleary did reduce the final price by $3000 witch did not cover the aggravation and the damage cause by the delays.

As per Cleary this Building is listed as "AS IS” with full warranty and now they sent the warranty papers that started on June 19 months before the building was completed After I informed Cleary that I am contacting BBB and others they changed the date on the warranty to 8/9/19 in an email on 10/17/19 even with the final papers were not signed until September 23 and they were still making repairs into October.

You may wonder why I signed the paper when the building was not right I signed because I did not want any more phone calls 3 calls a day when I was at work and emails The building is not right and never will be unless it is torn down and rebuild form ground up I wish there was a way to send the hundred of pictures of the problems that started on day one Attached I just thee of many emails trying to get this building resolved -----Original Message----- From: Timothy L. Johnson [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, July 01, 2019 11:27 PM To: Cc: Ron R. Kempkers; Brian C. Ransom Subject: Yes Sir Chuck, Saw the latest. Thank you. Here you are, now you have my address. I’m waiting on Sarge’s pictures, etc. We will have a plan tomorrow. I’d recommend you direct your correspondence and govern accordingly as we solve this. As I’ve detailed today, or we can just get in front of the Magistrate now. Thank you.

Tim From: Scott A. Amen [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 7:25 PM To: '' Cc: Timothy L. Johnson; Christopher Sweeney; Scott A. Amen Subject: Building issues Chuck, Thank you for letting me come on your site and take a look at the issues with your building. At first site I thought the building was not to bad and we could make some small repairs and get this finalized.

After listening to you, taking some measurements and looking a bit closer as you know have some big issues. The best way to fix these issues is not to again patch it more. As we discussed on site some major repairs are going to have to be done. I do not want to again take this roof off for the third time but I feel it is the best solution for the situation.

Listed below are the issues and I what feel must be done to correct as best as possible. Please review and let me know if anything was missed. #1-Remove the East side wall of steel #2-Remove the roof steel #3-Remove the peak purlins and extra blocking that was installed wrong. Install new peak purlins and check all other purlins for correct installation #4-Raise the east side of the last 3 trusses to get them level and correct height #5-Raise the two end wall headers.

#6-Check all the columns and get them as level as possible. #7-Add the two header post to the south end wall that were missed. #8-Move the center jack brace on south end wall to correct height, add the other two jack braces that are missing #9-Install the correct amount of nails to all the corner bracing #10-Install the correct amount of nails to the track mounts on the OHD’s #11-Install new OHD trim and J-trim on south end wall doors #12-Install east side steel that was removed at the correct height, replace two damaged sheets #13-Install new eave vent and trim at the eaves both sides correctly.

( I will review with engineering with applying gutters over this trim before we proceed) #14-Install new roof steel with the correct overhang and no roof leaks #15-Install new gable sheet on north end wall that is scratched #16-Install new gable trim correctly #17-Install new Marco ridge vent correctly at the peak #18-Install new ridge cap correctly #19-Install gable trim on corners where corner trim lands on the ribs #20-Clean entire site of old trim and damaged steel I will also get you a bid to add the roof DB insulation when we return to fix.

If you do agree to this repair and we do all this work once complete we will both have to approve the repairs and a full final payment will still be expected. Let me know if I missed anything, as I will be your direct contact going forward. Thanks again, Scott Amen Field Superintendent Cleary Building Corp. 608-497-4720 608-845-9700 ext. 2120 Cell# 308-390-3397

From: Scott A. Amen [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2019 4:24 PM To: 'Chuck' Subject: RE: Building issues I was the one the driver called when he was at the wrong site. We are looking into our system to try and figure out how we have two different addresses on the same job. Goes back to Ron Hill error, but our system should have not allowed this. Is all the material look to be in good order? Thanks, Scott Amen Field Superintendent Cleary Building Corp. 608-497-4720 608-845-9700 ext. 2120

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