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Country Canada
City Mississuaga
Address 5566 McFarren Blvd
Phone 8776924215

Clearbanc Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2020

I took out this short term loan from Clearbanc, also known as Clear Finance Technology Corp. The deal was daily repay at 10% of revenue a day. The 'fee' was based on how you used the product, from 6% to 12%. I paid off the entire loan in 2 months through daily pays and a final wire. They continued to to take out money, even after they received the wire for almost 2 weeks and so the loan got overpaid by $8,540.40.

30 days later, they still don't show the loan as paid in full when I log in and they have not refunded my money. Any hope of getting a compitent person to take care of this has been lost.

I called and called and left messages and sent emails. 7 days after the first email, they said because I didn't let them know the wire was coming, they didn't credit my account (even though told them and got a payoff letter from them). I've never heard of a bank not crediting an account after receiving a wire because they weren't told it was coming.

I want my overpayment back ASAP!

This company has the worst customer service and are not credible. DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THEM.

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