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Clear Sky Solar

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 3260 N Hayden Road #210
Phone (480) 712-1031

Clear Sky Solar Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

Was looking for a good Solar company and found Clear Sky Solar with 5 Stars which seemed great. However upon looking over their information almost all of the reviews left are by fake accounts that have only ever left 1 or 2 reviews. Even a simple reverse google search of almost all the "Customer Photos" show they are stolen from pictures online. Look at the testimonials video on his website, one posted on June 15th the "Customer is located in New York and you see when it shows his meter the state the power company is in is listed. Yet this business is in arizona... The owner is an absolute idiot.

The website also has very little information about the company itself and makes claims such as "Voted most trusted for 3 years" but not listed by who and cant find anywhere online that this is substantiated. The domain was only registered in June of 2020 and their social media appeared shortly before that. The LLC for the company was only requested in 2020 which is public record! All claims that they have been in business for years is a lie. The domain was registered by a company called Domains By Proxy LLC who is known to hide business info for companies running scams, check out their BBB reviews and see for yourself.

After posting a review the owner responded claiming I was asking for money to take down my review. This was absurd and really pissed me off that they pulled such a childish and pathetic move so I dug deeper. Four hours after writing my review they received four more 5 star reviews. The owner running this scam is not very smart and probably does not realize that false and misleading reviews or statements can result in legal trouble and fines. Seems they are partnered through Titan Solar Power who is actually providing the service and panels. Clear Sky Solar is nothing but a salesman lying to people and playing pretend that he owns a business. I have filed a complaint with Titan Solar power about their partner and provided evidence of their lies and bad business practices.

But it gets better, they had a Linkedin attached to their website that lists more blatant lies including that they are BBB accredited (which they are not) and a link to what I assume is their previous scam called Blueskysolarphx. The domain poses a major security risk as well when trying to connect so beware if visiting. The company only shows one employee the owner Raymond Hinojosa who is running this sham of a company. This piece of scum is defrauding possible customers by faking customer review and testimony, by lying about his business and even lying about it being veteran led! I requested information about his military personnel file and he never even made it through bootcamp lol.

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