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Clear Rate Communications

Country United States
State Michigan
City Troy
Address 2600 W. Big Beaver Road Suite 450
Phone 1.866.366.4665

Clear Rate Communications Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2017

Several months ago my 89 year old father happened to answer his home phone and it was someone asking if he would like to reduce his Verizon bill. My father told the caller that he didn't care because he didn't pay for his phone service anyway. The caller continued with his spiel and asked my father if the phone was in his house. My father replied that "yes, the phone is in my house." And then proceeded to reiterate that he did not pay for the phone. So after some switching off with several more "agents", they got off the phone.

A few weeks later, my father received a bill from Clear Rate Communications for $56.00. Since my brother was paying for the phone service, I referred the bill and problem to him. He called Verizon and was told that the phone service has been switched. My father stands by the fact that he never said to any of the agents that he wanted to switch from Verizon. It is my speculation that one "yes" response was all it took for them to hijack the phone service. Since the Clear Rate phone service was offering all the amenities of full service, including long distance & caller ID, for a mere $39.95 a month, my brother paid the first bill. .

It took him quite an effort to register on the website to pay online. After several attempts, he finally got an account set up. A month after the bill had been paid, my father received a bill for another $56.00 with a nasty letter saying the bill was overdue. I sent the problem back to my brother, who took care of it and supposedly got things straight. This happended several more times and just last month, in November 2017, he got another billing with a threat to send him to court with a collection agency and disconnect the phone. So I took over the situation, and called Verizon. I explained to Verizon what we needed to get done.

The Verizon agent was very helpful but ran into a problem. This Clear Rate Communications had put a BLOCK on my father's home phone. Why would they have to do that? Because they wanted to continue to double bill and create threats to keep getting more money. Just before I called Verizon, my brother attempted to make good with the companay and ended up saying some choice words to the uncaring, insolent person who took his call. He got the impression that they had heard the same complaints over and over, and really didn't care.

So, the wonderful lady with Verizon that I appealed to took it upon herself to get her manager involved and they referred to our situation as "slamming". I called it hijacking, they called it slamming. In the end, Verizon was able to work it so the phone was released and we got the service reestablished with them. It is my suggestion to never entertain any caller with Clear Rate Communications. Don't say a word, just hang up. This is a a bunch of liars & thieves, and they are bad business.

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