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Cleansville Movers LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 1472 Clermont Ave
Phone (866) 507-9123

Cleansville Movers LLC Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2017

Along the process Joel added his wife Sydney on file. Sydney complaint of not receiving clients within days with our company. All of our promises was fulfilled and we have contracts to show evidence. We as a company had to terminate our contracts due to high risk. We only deal with real business owners and do not promise a overnight get rich scam. Sydny and Joel Smith are not legit business owners and we could keep their scam website hosting on our server. Our contract was terminated and the website was removed offline for the safety of our company and the consumers.

Joel Smith and Sydny are not legit business owners. Their online business is a get rich quick scam. We had to terminate our services with them due to high risk.

  • Oct 19, 2016

We hired Cleansville Movers based on a personal reference to load/unload our moving truck. They were late the loading day, and late again on the unloading day.

During unloading it quickly became obvious we had many damaged items:

The mirror to my Grandmother's antique dresser was shattered.

The leg on another vintage dresser was broken off.

The loveseat material was torn, and the frame bent.

A hole was made in our living room wall. (The owner did come repair this with scotch tape and spackle. It was not sanded or painted)

We claimed only the items above for damages, even though there were other things damaged. Months of emails with the company resulted finally in us receiving a letter offering a settlement to cover repair of the damaged items claimed. The company asked that I accept their offer via certified mail, which I did. I gave them a deadline to reply with no response. I emailed the owner on the last day, and her response was that they didn't have the money to pay the claim. Maybe in a few weeks they would have the money. Still no check has arrived. We filed with the BBB with no response from the company.

I had the mirror repaired and paid for it myself. I have not repaired the other items yet.

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