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Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Phone 800-544-7145

CleanSearch Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

I too have had mugshots posted everywhere after contacting this company. My records are now expunged. I am planning on putting a lawsuit in Florida against this company. It has ruined my life. Very hard to get a job. They owe me millions. Do not pay these people. Sue them. So you mugshot idiots watch out. I am coming to Florida to start my civil action against you. You had the chance to make it right. Instead you belittled me. Called me a criminal. And put more false information out. I kept all the emails. And my report to BBB. Done two years ago. You should be put out of business. You scam people. Ruin reputations even when a person is innocent. That is a crime. And I look forward to either a settlement or compensation. Yes. I am married to a wealthy gentleman whom will finance my endeavors to clear my name and get an apology. Not everyone is that lucky. I am highly educated and have the dough to bury these businesses. Extorting money from people that do not have it. It was just time, that you extorted from the wrong person. See you in court. The more you post. The more money I will ask for.

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